Voting & Engagement

Voting is an essential part of our democratic process that needs full participation of very eligible American. This is true during any election, but no more so than the election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Voting can be confusing with all the various state rules, but there are tons of information out there to help sort throughthe process. The main takeaways:

  • Register or confirm your registration.
  • Learn if your state will allow you to vote early in-person or by mail.
  • Decide if you plan to vote in-person. If so, be prepared that may not always be a fast process.
    • Great site for information regarding the Census, how to register, polling locations, and more information broken down by state.
    • Another great site that provides an interactive map that provides information on whether you can vote in person BEFORE election day (that means literally in-person, absentee by mail without an excuse, or by mail with an excuse (think COVID). You can learn whether you can you register and cast your vote on the same day (you cannot in most places). The site also breaks down all this information by site.
  • Text “VOTE” to 30330
    • Touted wildly during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the instruction says it all! Simply text “VOTE” to the number above and you will be directed to a link that will inform you whether your registered, your polling place, or how to register if you’re not.

THE CENSUS –, must be completed by 10/31/20

  • Voting is not enough. American political life is built on a system and one cog in that system is the completion of the census, every decade. Quite simple, the cenus is designed to count every man, woman, and child living in the United States to then determine how congressional seats are drawn (passed on population) and more importantly the allocation of billions in dollars. In simple terms, you don’t want your district to lose funding for schools, housing, or roads because you couldn’t take the time to complete this 5 minute document online or via mail if you received it.


    • The Cash for Bail System in this country is wrong and immoral – period, full stop. “Criminals” (because we have a poor history of wrongful convictions in this country) who are too poor to post bail, while other “criminals” who can afford to pay their way out of jail – go home. Help end the cash for bail system in this country. You can donate under the “ABOUT” section.