Joe Biden Wins The Presidency, So Now What?

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. No amount of pouting, legal maneuvering, or simulated outrage by the current occupant of the White House and his enablers will change that. Praise Jesus!  So now what?  It is clear a majority of the country wants sanity, science at the forefront of important policy […]

Amy Coney Barrett and Republican Theater

K from PIP The Senate Confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett have begun and so has the political theater from the members of the Judiciary Committee, especially the Republican members. Everyone seems to be jockeying for Emmy Awards for Best Actor in a Senate Drama Series. Unfortunately for them, Senators usually attend law school and […]

The Importance of Discomfort

By. K from PIP I am very proud of the second episode of this podcast, Racism is Baked in the Cake. I remember being proud because I didn’t melt down after all the technical drama of the first episode and that I soldiered on to do another. I also thought the title was better than the […]

The Genesis

I wish that I could say that the genesis for Pop Into Politics came out of some masterplan, some deep well of positive inspiration that I wanted to share with world. In truth, in the Trump era it came out of a sense of anger, fear, disbelief, and powerlessness. How could this be the United […]