From Russia With Love – Part Two

I am so excited, I finally have reason to write a “Part Two” blog post! I’ve been itching to do one, and I have finally been given my chance.

Russia! Trump and his gang’s knotty and ever tangled ties with Russia have given me license to do my first “Part Two.” This will also be the 25th post on the blog! I told myself I would write more in 2017 and so far so good. Ugh, I kind of owe thanks to the Great Clementine for this.

Moving along…Russia, Russia, Russia! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Trump has his own beautiful version of the blonde from The Brady Bunch, except his Marsha is bald and rides horses shirtless. Do we think he is regretting this Russia thing yet?

Everything these days seems to be about Russia and all the unusual and suspicious connections Trump and his team seem to have with the country and its repressive leader.

In my previous “From Russia” post, I discussed how pleased Putin must be with all his efforts. Russia was winning like Charlie Sheen – the hacking, the election, Syria, etc. But as more information drips out about Trump and his team, maybe he’s starting to feel like the Atlanta Falcons at this year’s Super Bowl – started out strong only to lose big. Excuse me, bigly. Let me keep up with times. The American people are probably not supposed to know of all of these messy ties after all.

In more exciting developments, the press is waking from their slumber, and they are salivating as they report on all these Russia stories like dogs devouring freshly cooked bacon dropped on a kitchen floor. They are licking their chops and sniffing around for more bacon. Let’s see what else they find.

Trump’s rise began with Russia and looking into my Magic 8-Ball, it looks like it could end with Russia too.

We have learned that Michael Flynn did discuss the sanctions President Obama had just unveiled with the Russian Ambassador before President Trump took office. Of course, he discussed sanctions with the Ambassador! I wonder what was said. Oh, wait. Apparently, there are transcripts out there. The damn fool was recorded by American intelligence. I won’t have to wonder for long.

When does that come out? Did Trump know? Oh, why yes he did – he was aware of this for almost 20 days and remained silent.

We’ve also learned today that Trump aides talked with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign. How unusual. Hmm, now why on Earth would those discussions be taking place? Maybe they wanted vodka recommendations?

Something tells me I will be writing a From Russia With Love – Part Three at some point.

President Trump also knew Flynn was being investigated by FBI and others and still picked him to lead the National Security Council. Absolutely jaw dropping stuff.

Moreover, the United States now has no head of the NSC. Does anyone care? Did everyone register that? I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act when the nun at the piano doesn’t hear her name called when it’s time to start playing the piano. Whoopi stomps her foot and says, “Alma check your battery!” Alma smiles and gets with the program. When is America going to get it together and check our battery or whatever we need to do to stop this foolishness?  When is the public, Democrat, and Republican alike, going to stop and demand that our government cease to be run like an episode of Romper Room?  Where are the serious adults? When are we going to get it together?

Russia is going to be a problem for Trump. Maybe not tomorrow, not six months from now, or even next year but this will be a continuing problem and the truth will come out. The slow and steady drip of information detailing the unusual, to say the least, and potentially illegal dealings with Russia will damage President Trump. This could be his Iran-Contra, his Lewinsky scandal, Watergate, or even worse than all three of those scandals.

Time will tell.

Lastly, to see the treatment that America needs, click below.


Trump and the Villification of Muslims

Because President Trump campaigned to make America safe again, he signed an Executive Order banning all citizens from Saudi Arabia entering the United States, as 15 out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from that country. Also, because of years of mass shootings primarily committed by white men, the Trump Administration moved to round up those found to be lonely, reclusive, weird, and “wacky.” The concern being that white men seem to have a tendency to shoot up high schools, elementary schools, black churches, and movie theaters  – among other things.

Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. All of that would be silly and not a real solution. But in keeping with doing things that don’t solve problems, the President actually signed an Executive Order that bans entry from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen which is even sillier than the fake news I outlined in the first paragraph.

The thing about Trump and his Administration is that they are bratty children throwing a tantrum on the world’s stage. We have left uneducated children who think they know everything in charge of the Executive Branch. So on Friday, we received a bunch of theater, meaningless hullaballoo and another  Executive Order, an especially vile one, for the cameras to see – banning Muslims – supposedly to make America safer. He was so gleeful in the signing of this order, I was waiting for him to beat his chest.

Trump and that apprentice of the devil, Kellyanne Conway, can call it what they want, but it is a small down payment on his pledge to ban Muslims – period. Yes, they didn’t ban all Muslims, only some so I suppose that is meant to make it less abominable, right? There was excitement over the weekend about a New York judge temporarily blocking the order, but that only applied to people already here and stranded at the airport – not the entire Executive Order.

As an aside, if I have to see this peeled cantaloupe, as my friend calls him, proudly signing orders like he is Henry VIII one more time I might scream. I thought Republicans hated Executive Orders.

Who is going to tell the King that the majority of these attacks on our soil have been conducted by American citizens? Was this information not in his briefings? Was he too busy tweeting? Too busy fighting with Alec Baldwin? Too busy insulting Meryl Streep? Too busy applying pressure to the Parks Department to find “alternative” photographs showing his YUGE crowd size at the inauguration? Who is going to explain to the President that ISIS is an ideology, spread on the internet and that people already within the United States have been, and can be, radicalized?

He talked about totally defeating ISIS in his inauguration speech and, to be fair, Obama talked in the same absurd terms regarding ISIS. American President’s tend to talk in sweeping terms about threats, but smart people know that one might be able to defeat an occupying army, but you can never defeat an ideology – what’s in the hearts and minds of people.

Are we going to ban French nationals too as some of the recent attacks in that country  were conducted by radicalized citizens? What about Germans? What about banning people from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or the United Arab Emirates? I believe there were some 9/11 ties there. Oh, wait, it’s being reported Trump has some business interests there so they can’t make the list.

In voting for this man, the American people have unleashed a rabid dog on their fellow citizens and the world. He is irrational, angry, lacks impulse control, and is uncontainable – except in regards to Russia. Vladimir Putin must be holding some sort button to an invisible electric shock collar around Trump’s neck because Trump is oddly quiet, polite, and non-offensive related to all things Russian.

At the end of the day, I don’t believe we should be banning millions of people outright of any country. If the United States is in such a state of fear and unable to vet people, maybe we shouldn’t allow anyone to come into the country, as clearly there are threats from many, many areas of the globe.

I like reality television (don’t judge me), and since we have our first reality television President, it is important to point out a constant on all of those shows, especially the most appalling. Turn on Love and Hip Hop, Marriage Bootcamp, or The Real Housewives of Fill in the City of Your Choice, for instance, the casts are filled with self-important people, usually doing crappy things.

They’re bad husbands and wives, bad business partners, disloyal friends, etc. They are usually all the things we would teach our children not to be. Even though they themselves can go back and see their own bad behavior at all times, the footage is always there, these people rarely believe any of their actions create the drama or causes problems, it’s always someone or something else. They are also abnormally confident in their own behavior and decisions and, of course, being right.

Filling a television program with people like that and then allowing cameras to roll sets the stage for great conflict and drama. It can be tons of fun to watch when you’re just talking about boozy wealthy women with nothing else better to do than to lunch and gossip.

In the past, American’s looked at these sort of people, shook their heads while being entertained and went about their lives. In 2016, the American public chose to elect one of these people to the highest office in the land.

Call him a rabid dog, a stupid peeled cantaloupe, or a reality tv star President, he is dangerous and woefully unfit for this position. His words matter. His poorly thought out Executive Orders matter.

I am ashamed to be witness to this ban and hope an adult in the room convinces the King to change course for the sake of those people, America’s reputation and, yes, our safety – because this action does not make us safer.

Uh, this man makes me so disgusted I had to write on a Sunday!

From Russia With Love

To be a fly on the wall inside the Kremlin. In my wild imagination, I envision Mr. Putin watching American news broadcasts, taking a gleeful shot of vodka in celebration of his mockery of our Democratic system, and then releasing an evil cackle like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget or Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. I did mention I had an active imagination.

But seriously, we are living out a James Bond movie. A Scandal or House of Cards episode. All of this hubbub over intelligence, spies, and secret alliances. We are living in very interesting times.

Here’s the thing though, on January 20th President-elect is going to stand before the American people, take the Oath of Office, and swear that he will ” to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Members of Congress pledge an oath that, “they will defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.” Will Congress simply remain asleep at the switch during the Trump years? There should be some red flags starting to rise here. At the Senate has finally decided to investigate Russian hacking and interference into the election. Let’s see if it yields any news.

The President-elect appears to be compromised by a foreign government. We don’t know why or how severely compromised, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s a damn slippery duck.

The President-elect is a loud mouth. He has attacked everyone and told us his opinion on everything. China cheats. Mexico has rapists. Muslims are terrorists. Megyn Kelly has blood coming from her you know what. Meryl Streep sucks as an actress. Civil rights icon John Lewis should fix his district and stop criticizing him. Why can’t other countries have more nukes? NATO countries have to pay their fair share. Rosie O’Donnell is a disgusting fat lesbian. I paraphrase slightly, but the President-elect often tweets and rambles about everything in an angry seemingly unstoppable stream of consciousness. I don’t have enough time, energy, or blogging space to list everything.

But when it comes to one country and one leader, however, he remains oddly silent. When pressed about Vladimir Putin, the only thing we can seem to get out of the President-elect is that it would be nice if we could get along with the communist murderous Mr. Putin and Russia. That’s like saying it would have been nice to get a long with Saddam Hussein or Stalin. We don’t get along with him for a reason – he is the total and complete antithesis to American and democratic values. The President-elect also likes that Mr. Putin looks good shirtless and glistened up on a horse. Ok, the President-elect has not said that, but he might as well have. It’s like he has a boner for an anti-democractic and morally bankrupt leader. Why?

The President-elect is willing to throw NATO on the trash heap of history (a Russian objective). Why? He won’t show us his tax returns even though we know there has been some business dealings with Russia Why? Why so many cabinet appointments with associations to Russia?

And Mr. Putin deserves a round of applause. Look what he has accomplished. Unconstrained by term limits or decency, he has out maneuvered President Obama on Syria and the hacking scandal. He assisted in taking down his apparent foe Hillary Clinton. And now after our 2016 election, he has the satisfaction of watching why we willfully choose not to defend our democratic institutions and move full steam ahead with the election of an uneducated narcissist who clearly supports Russia (for reasons not completely known) more than our own. In the words of Charlie Sheen, Mr. Putin is winning!

The Capitol rotunda might as well be replaced by Kremlin  domes. The Evil Empire defined by the former conservative hero Ronald Reagan is now according to Donald Trump – lead by a “really smart leader.” It would be “nice” if we could get along. The hell with our Western European allies being genuinely wary of the potentially expanding Russian bear (Ukraine anyone?). 50 plus years of American foreign policy be damned. Nope, according to our President-elect the Russian leader is really smart and is strong.

So instead of playing “Hail to the Chief,” let’s replace it with the theme song From Russia with Love by Matt Moro, it seems more apt and appropriate these days.



Can Trump Pass the Class?

Let us take a moment to think of the presidency as a class with a lengthy syllabus. The President-elect, unfortunately, has been a piss poor student failing to take notes, ask proper questions, or to keep quiet when smarter people are talking.

Thus far, the President-elect has failed his assignments on statesmanship, the U.S. Constitution, the role of the media, and not pissing off China among other topics. We also can add U.S. Intelligence Agencies to this list of failed assignments. The final of this course is on January 20th – will he be prepared to pass the test and class and be sworn in – with some level of preparation for the office? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of The Pussy Grabbing Reality TV Star President. Wait, I may be ahead of myself and the country. Is it too soon to publicly acknowledge that the Executive Branch is only a few degrading steps away from being a tawdry reality show?  He has enough exes and kids and feuds with plenty of people after all. Maybe in 2018, we can acknowledge that a vote for him was also a vote to degrade the presidency. I have digressed, let’s get back to class.

The President-elect is the kid in class who hates Algebra and thinks it’s dumb, nonimportant, and refuses to do his homework because he is unable to comprehend the subject. His inadequateness somehow morphs into an indictment on the subject, in this case, the intelligence agencies because the lesson being taught is that Russia wanted Trump to be elected and attempted to aid in that cause. To be clear, no one is saying Trump won because of Russian hacking.

To ensure success in the endeavor of a Hillary Clinton defeat, I personally like to thank w thank the FBI, the media, third party voters and some of Clinton’s own missteps for that. But the fact remains the hacking happened, and it should alarm every citizen. The man-child does not like that.

Yes, we have elected a child, but not just any chid – he’s Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son. He’s manipulative and treacherous, and it’s all fun and games until he’s trying to push you off a cliff. I am afraid the “person” going off the cliff will be this country and our values. And, to be clear, I am sure our country will be here (well, there is the issue of those pesky nukes – and the President-elect seemed to fail that lesson too). We will survive the Age of Trump. I am just not sure how America will look, how much damage there will be to the institutions that make our democracy healthy when this experiment into populist folly is complete.

When I started this blog, my  intention was not to make this an anti-Trump blog, as that’s no fun and I didn’t plan to write about him all the time. Plus, I assumed at some point he would have to show some interest in acting like a President. I was as wrong about that as I was the inevitability of Hillary Clinton being elected. He makes it so damn hard for me not to write about him. The extraordinary level of absurdity can’t be passed up for comment.

As another day comes to a close and we weather more Trump insanity, I hope that the Vampiress and Stealer of Souls Kellyanne Conway is in her lair plotting a way to educate the great petulant one on the importance of intelligence and briefings. After all, after Pussygate she was supposedly responsible for reigning him in during the last week of the election. He stayed on message and stopped talking about Mexicans and Muslims. Maybe she can get him to stop cracking on American intelligence too.

She must tell him by so publicly refuting the findings of our intelligence agencies, all 17 of them, he’s siding with Russia. And while I understand  Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house – it is not another state or friendly territory – it’s a foreign government! A foreign government that may be amenable to business with the President-elect and his associates, but not agreeable to the policy objectives of the government that he was elected to lead. There are American values to uphold. The Capitol and The White House are not in Moscow. Can we purchase him a map too Kellyanne? Damn it  Kellyanne do your job and force him to stop tweeting and to get to his studies! I know the Vampiress has the power to get this done!

Kellyanne must explain that a President relies on intelligence, that Americans are putting their lives on the line for this information, that he must weigh it, must discern its importance, and keep some opinions and beliefs to himself. The President-elect has to learn this lesson now. We, as a country, don’t have time to send our future President to summer school. The evidence suggests he cannot pass the class and with no summer school, it looks like we’re screwed.