Folks, There’s Nothing To See Here But A Brand New Bag of Shiny Balls

While the words in the title of this post have not been uttered by the President or his cronies yet, at this point, they might as well have been. Give Sean time folks, give him some time. Things are getting dicey so who knows what they will say or do next.

There are lots of glittery balls in the air these days with reporters batting them around like little puppies. A red one! A blue one! Will we get a yellow one? Oh, look this one has just been pumped full of fresh air! Sigh. It’s really rather unfortunate. I decided to recount some of my favorites below:

1) Not only did President Obama wiretap Trump Tower, but his behavior has also been much worse than that. The former President was so desperate to implicate Trump in something, he took the unusual step to scale Trump Tower donning a ski mask, with suction cups on his hands and feet, peering into the Trump family penthouse and snapping pictures in an attempt to get dirt. The former President turned up empty handed and the only thing he saw was Melania dancing with glee because she has yet to be forced to leave her gilded palace and move to the White House.

2) Last year, Hillary Clinton received questions from Donna Brazille before her debate with Trump – as President Trump continues to remind us. (As an aside, has anyone informed Trump she lost?) But that’s not the real scandal. The real scandal is that she will receive the debate questions in the 2020 election too, regardless as to whether or not she is a candidate. Because Hillary is a Clinton, she will then offer to sell the questions to whichever candidate is willing to pay the most for them. How do we know this? We know this because we know and the President will provide evidence of his knowledge into future events when he sees fit because that’s what he does.

3) Not only did Susan Rice “unmask” American’s partaking in dubious contacts with shady Russian folks, she also “unmasked” a man named Carl who pretended to be a caveman in one of the Scooby-Doo episodes. Oh, you didn’t know Scooby-Doo had a fifth character who was black? Well, that’s because the liberal media hasn’t reported the story. Susan Rice has been unmasking people for decades. Wait and see, this will be the scandal – if only the media would cover it!

So many scandals – so many untold stories! Look into – they are all true!

Also, for good measure and not to be forgotten – Tupac and Biggie are still alive and the Moon is made of cheese. I hear it’s a tasty Vermont cheddar. Let’s cover this too. Tweets and Fox News commentary are sure to follow.

Ok, I had to have a little fun with all of this, but the level of absurdity is off the charts. And as absurd as my version of the “news” is – is it really that absurd? Washington has gone completely off the rails. We have a President who will say anything and yet, when it counts, says nothing at all (see his Syria Press Conference today as an example). I mean is everyone taking shots of bong water and eating bath salts as appetizers?

Everyone needs to keep their eyes on the ball – one ball.  The ball is Russia and this White House, not a bunch of people out of office and out of power. Can we give the American electorate, the media, and our politicians a dose of Adderall. Pay attention!

It is worth repeating the following until everyone understands the gravity of the situation.

The FBI is investigating the sitting President and his pals for possible collusion with a foreign government in an attempt to sway an election through hacking and possibly other backroom deals and shenanigans. We are a democracy so it’s sort of a big deal to think an outside adversarial government had a favorite in the race and worked to get that person elected. It’s even a bigger deal if those same individuals knew about the plan and worked with the adversarial government.

We are a democracy, so it’s sort of a big deal to think an outside adversarial government had a favorite in the race and worked to get that person elected – to the detriment of the other candidate. It’s even a bigger deal if one of those campaigns knew about the plan and worked with an adversarial government against an American election.

Why the hell don’t more people care about this? If we don’t care about this as a country, then what’s the point of continuing this little democratic experiment? Let’s just let a handful of folks pick people to be President. Better yet, they don’t even have to be American to do the picking.

The FBI is also reportedly creating a separate unit that will continue looking into this issue, which would be a sign of an expanding investigation – not a shrinking one. A new connection to Russia is found almost daily. This is the story no matter how much certain folks allege Susan Rice apparently behaved like Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched for political purposes (if that is to be believed). Nevermind what her actual job was and why she would “unmask” someone.


President Trump can deny everything and call it “fake news.” Sean Spicer can tap dance until he is out of breath and red in the face. I mean, honestly, the man is going to beat-box next in an effort to deflect. Kellyanne can offer up alternative facts. Ivanka can be brought out to be pretty and say nice things about women. The Trump team can continue to razzle dazzle the populace until they catch wise, but there is always the chance they will catch wise! I mean people will catch wise. Maybe not everyone, but enough.

More importantly, where there is smoke there is usually fire and anytime someone repeatedly tells you, move along there is nothing to see here folks – there is probably something to see.


Let’s Talk About God

Yes, you read that title correctly, I am going to talk about God in the Christian sense. I have been writing this blog for almost three months, and it has given me the opportunity to do two things I love – writing and discussing my viewpoints on politics. The writing aspect has remained enjoyable, but the highlighting of the latest Trump action that degrades our democracy is not always so enjoyable.

When I decided to start the blog, I wanted it to be entertaining while discussing a subject matter that always revs up my personal engines and I feel is important.

I am beginning to struggle with the Trump and the entertaining part of my mission.  I sincerely believe that Trump is trashing our democracy. He is turning our system of government into something I don’t recognize. Too many of the American people and our elected officials are allowing it to happen. I don’t even give two shits at the moment about party affiliation. As an AMERICAN, I am horrified and I feel like everyone should be mortified as well.

The FBI is investigating members of the Trump campaign and maybe the President, although we can’t know for sure, to what would amount to treason. Collusion with a foreign power against our election and democracy, a historic adversary at that, would be treason. For those who think that is hyperbole, take some time to look up the definition of treason as defined by our Constitution and additional laws passed by our Congress and tell me that this is not what this potentially, and appears, to be. See, that’s not so entertaining when you put it like that.

Eh, treason smeason – what’s the big deal about that? Let’s all keep calm and carry on and remain in our partisan tents.

But for now, you know what, I am going to carry on. I have to believe that the truth will come out and the American people if thumped on the head long enough will see the truth. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON. SCREW HILLARY CLINTON. For those who know me personally, you know I must be serious as I have tons of affinity for Mrs. Clinton. THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT POLITICAL PARTY!

Oy vey!

So I am going to carry on and drink red wine and write. I don’t drink and drive, but I do drink and blog and so today we are going to talk about anything other than Trump – so why not God.

I guess let me just say, I have an estranged relationship with the concept of God – at best. I have to call it a concept because as Whitney Houston told Diane Sawyer, “I wanna see the receipts.” Show me the receipts!  I’ve seen no receipts, no empirical evidence of the existence of God. I have, however, seen evidence of the Congressional Budget Office report about the numbers of people who would be thrown off their health care plans if this horrendous plan circulating through Congress were to pass. I have seen those receipts. I kind of just happen to be a facts sorts of guy. I sometimes wish Americans would get more upset, be more passionate about the things that are happening right in front of them, here on Earth.

Now let me get my disclaimer out of the way right at this moment. It is not my intention to offend anyone with this post. Several of my favorite people on this planet would proudly proclaim their faith in God and how he, she, or it – has helped them get through major trials and tribulations in their lives. They are thoughtful people, intelligent people who I admire and respect.

This is not a knock on anyone who is a person of faith. I am just expressing that this has not been my experience. By the way, if there is a God, I hope it’s a woman and that she’s fabulous and fashionable and calls people out for their crap at the end of days. I hope she is sarcastic and bitchy and says things like, “Gurl, you know good and well you can’t get into heaven after sleeping with that woman’s husband!” Yeah, I hope she says things like that.

Women rock and are strong and stylish and are able to wear thigh high boots and so often have to clean up all the crap men screw up. And just because I feel like God should most definitely be a woman, with my luck that would mean God probably isn’t. Oh well.

There have been moments in my life when I have wondered about a higher being, or the “universe” speaking to me like the time I was playing Neil Diamond at work on the one year anniversary of a co-workers Grandmother passing. Don’t judge me for listening to Neil Diamond by the way! Actually, if I put on my playlist for the public there might be lots of judgment to go around.

It was exactly one year from the day she passed, and I learned that her Grandmother, who she was extremely close with, loved Neil Diamond. The moment seemed to bring her such peace and made her so happy on a day that I am sure was not pleasant for her. My playing music in my office was not unusual, but my listening to Neil Diamond certainly was not my norm.

I am not a huge Neil Diamond fan and, you know, we’re talking about a black gay man (me) and a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx here folks. Neil Diamond probably wasn’t the target audience – the entire thing was a little odd. I don’t know, I have my moments. But, that day always stuck with me, and it was one of those things that I just never felt like a report or science would be able to explain. It just felt larger than me so, anyway, I have my moments where I go…hmm…maybe there could be something to all this, but not usually.

Now let me merge God with my favorite topic…politics…and America.

First, let me say, I personally just believe there is too much suffering in the world for there to be a God, or he or she is really passive, which would then seem to me that exact opposite of what a God would do. And, if God were a woman, we know she would be doing something – women are always doing. So, again, I guess I have my evidence that God must be a man. GROAN.

But, all jokes aside, there is too much suffering on this planet for me to fully be comfortable with the concept of God and if he, she, or it exists – the fact that he, she, or it would allow so much suffering to take place would not endear me to this God.

Second, there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to good people who suffer or bad people who suffer, or punishment for heinous actions, etc. It’s all so random which, again, for me defeats the entire purpose of the belief in a God.

I have always felt that God must be in over is head or has a really bad secretary or assistant who has not kept him or her abreast of the most important issues that need attention. I know lots of people are calling out for help, are the phones being answered in the God office?  Doesn’t seem like it. Does he only respond to e-mails? What’s the address?

It’s like God is a government employee and the paperwork on Syria, slavery, the Holocaust, fill in the awfulness of your choice, were lost. Do to all sorts of lost paperwork – horrible things are allowed to happen. God is a DMV employee it seems. I am sure there are some excellent DMV employees by the way. I need my God to be proactive on such matters – no shade to God.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, I suppose it will be for this post, but in the spirit of free speech, I am going to risk it! And, besides, an omnipotent and all-seeing God would know all my thoughts anyway, right?

My father always told me that people who don’t do the right thing will get their justice, but you might not always be around to see it. I am kind of an impatient person, so that doesn’t work for me either. I am waiting on the couch, with my popcorn, waiting to hear and see the justice.

But let me get to my third point, and most important, which is the holy rollers and Bible thumpers that seem rampant in this great land that we call America. I think that this is my man problem. Jesus loving and sanctified on Sundays, and miserly, and mean-spirited on say, Monday, like  Paul Ryan – a practicing Catholic who has a serious boner for taking away healthcare for the poor and charging the elderly more for out of pocket costs so he can save a few ducats for his wealthy friends. Huh? Boy, bye! As the kids would say, where they do that at boo?

Hell, I am the gay, Madonna-loving New Yorker and even I know from the smattering of biblical teachings I had growing up that this is NOT what Jesus would do. And a large segment of Americans, belonging to the citizenry of the most wealthy country on this Earth, seem totally ok with this and would, of course, consider themselves to be Christian.

Yes, let’s talk about God. We so often put God into politics when it comes to abortion, how about health-care? How about taking care of the sick? Jesus was all about that, so I have heard.  How about banning the death penalty as the state shouldn’t be about the business of taking a life? Let’s talk about God and let’s talk about policy! Can I get an Amen? A witness? A hallelujah? No, not even one of those things? Eh, I tried.

Here is one thing I can respect about Trump (damn it, I am talking about him). While he is corrupt, vile, unintelligent, racist, narcissistic, ill-equipped, thin-skinned, a stooge for Russia, and most repugnant of all – ORANGE. Why is he still orange?  Anyway, does not bring God into the mix. He has the decency and the cojones to claim that all of his abhorrent thoughts and behavior have been squeezed out of that supposedly brilliant pea sized brain of his. He doesn’t wear his religion (although not sure he is religious), his Christianity, as a badge and then comes out and support laws that steal from the sick. On that account, he is better than someone like Paul Ryan – the supposedly smart and Catholic one.

I guess the worst thing about Christianity and religion, in general, are the so called members. Too many are not good spokespeople for the cause. Hell, most members of Congress belong to some sort of Christian denomination – that does not give me comfort.

So maybe we should talk more about what Jesus would do in the current political climate. Would he be building more prisons and be proud that the stock of private prison companies was going up? Would he advocate building walls and keeping out people literally fleeing death? Would he be so gung-ho to execute 10 prisoners in Arkansas because they are running out of the cocktail needed to perform lethal injections? Would he advocate revoking health care from millions? Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a Church, but I think not. Ah, what do I know, I am just a liberal gay sinner, burning in hell according to some.

Thanks for allowing me to take a sort of Trump break (I know he was mentioned, but come on – I didn’t completely rant about him!). I am sure I will probably end up breaking my no-Trump rule sooner rather than later as the news keeps on rolling in on the Russia front. But, for the next few days, I am going to try and lay off of him for a bit. I think most of us get that story by now.

Thanks for reading.




From Russia With Love – Part Three

Cue the James Bond theme! What an extraordinary day March 20, 2017, turned out to be in American political history. If anyone tells you that witnessing the FBI Director admit, publicly, that the FBI is indeed conducting an investigation into whether or not the campaign of the sitting President of the United States colluded with the Russian government to get said President elected needs a hard slap in the face with a history book.

It’s huge! In honor of 45, it’s YUGE!

Number 45 has not been President for more than 60 days, and his White House is immersed in scandal. Clementine the Great better call Scandal’s Olivia Pope to extricate him from this mess. He needs a real fixer and stat!

As I watch this sideshow, I can’t help but think about President Nixon resigning for a cover-up of a petty office break-in and President Clinton being impeached for being unfaithful to his wife and stupidly perjuring himself in the process. When thinking of those two massive political scandals, the Trump allegations would seem monumental to me. I would believe that Congress would have surrounded the White House with pitchforks by now.

My favorite part of the entire thing is the fact that the Trump presidency is ablaze, engulfed in flames, and no one within his circle is running towards the flames with a pale of water! Meanwhile, the President, apparently gripped by madness in his preoccupation with conspiracy theories and other foolishness continues to douse gasoline on the burning house with his tweets and obfuscation.

Sing it with me folks, BURN BABY BURN!

But what a day! The FBI is investigating the Trump campaign for possible collusion with a foreign government and not just any government, Russia. RUSSIA. The main adversary of the American government and people during the last half of the 20th century. Eh, maybe there is nothing to see here as Sean and Kellyanne and others would have us believe.

Even though everyone around the President claims their hands were not in the cookie jar, they are always wiping chocolate from their hands and crumbs off their chins. Again, maybe there is nothing to see here and this will all go away.

And speaking of Mr. Spicer. Oh, Sean Spicer – that poor unfortunate soul. Can we take out a fund for this man and help pay his mortgage, cover his car payments, etc. – because while his spine has long ago disintegrated, even his innate dignity as a human being is wasting away as he continues to peddle poo to the media for his boss. Let’s pay his expenses so he can dust off his dignity, pick it up off the floor – and walk away from this circus.

Week after week he is trotted out to defend the defenseless, publicly and proudly proclaim and repeat the absurd and debunked, and of course convince the public to permanently suspend their disbelief on a variety of issues. And, so, as par for the course, he tapped danced today in a vain attempt to distract from the stench of scandal.

Poor, poor Sean Spicer – someone pass the collection plate. By the looks of things he apparently hasn’t slept since the Super Bowl, and if this level of scrutiny keeps up, I am afraid he is going to drown in a puddle of his own sweat. It seems unfair really, to have to publicly defend such a seemingly unstable, corrupt, and an ill-equipped man on a daily basis. It also must stink to know that you just keep serving up comedic gold on a platter for Melissa McCarthy on a weekly basis!

Today was a big day! While James Comey confirmed what most sane people who realize the sun rises in the east believed, it still was shocking to watch and hear it be confirmed. And look at James Comey, gossiping Chatty Kathy Jamey Comey, seemingly finding his spine and stating the obvious. However, off topic, can he get a script? Does the FBI talk? Does it not talk? I am not sure we should have had his confirmation about this investigation (as much as I loved it) or that Hillary Clinton nonsense he pulled in late October. Not always sure what to make of Mr. Comey, but maybe that’s intentional.

And if Mrs. Clinton was apparently corrupt, this administration would appear to be an overflowing vessel of corrupt, nefarious and odious actors who are a stain on our democracy.  This entire sideshow, in my opinion, is a big piece of karmic pie for those in Trump’s world and so I hope they all have a large sweet tooth!

So I will keep watching the Trump version of From Russia With Love. While I don’t know what will happen, my reading of the tea leaves does not look good for this President long term, mainly because he doesn’t know how to act and he refuses to learn. His first order of business should be to try to put out the fire, but based on his continued tweets and behavior at the rally in Kentucky last night, he is still standing in the corner with a blow torch.

Stay tuned for the inevitable posting of From Russia With Love – Part Four.

I Still Smell Bullsh*t

I don’t feel like sugarcoating stuff today. The bullshit kept rolling in last week. Sorry for cursing folks, but there is not a better word for what is coming out of Washington, D.C. other than bullshit.

I love blogging and really dislike when life gets in the way, but that’s what happened last week for me and boy did I miss quite a bit of absurdity coming out of Trumpland this week. Damn this day job of mine! Does anyone want to pay me to sit at home and drink coffee so I can watch and read about this lousy excuse of an administration with my mouth agape – and then write snarky blog posts about them? Ugh, that would be the life! A boy can dream.

What do we do when our President lies as he breathes and blinks? How do we take him seriously? At this point, I suspect it is not his fault. The President is not well and cannot be blamed that this horrible affliction of rampant dishonesty has washed over his mind, that he cannot separate fact from fiction and cannot discern real new sources from fake ones.

So, President Obama tapped Trump Tower. GROAN. Yep, there was Barack in a black skull and leather gloves breaking and entering into a most public of buildings on 5th Avenue to wiretap Trump’s phone lines. OY VEY. I am not going to even bother to get into the legality and logistical problems with those claims other than to say our President has a sickness. If he were just your 70-year-old orange Uncle who spouted off nonsense, you’d probably just roll your eyes or pat his head and just think to yourself – that’s just crazy old Uncle Donald. Unfortunately, our crazy Uncle Donald is President.

We received job numbers this week which were hugely, and bigly, good and poor Sean Spicer was trotted out to joke about how these particular numbers are now true but were somehow fake under President Obama. Meanwhile, the numbers are coming from the same Labor Department they have always come from. More lies and more insanity. The press giggled like schoolchildren at the joke. Appalling.

We had movement on healthcare which has been entertaining to watch and listen as Republicans try to remove their necks from the noose they tied for themselves almost eight years ago. Instead of critiquing certain parts of the healthcare law, they basically just said the entire thing sucked like hormonal angry, gothy teenagers. That was an easy position when they didn’t own the thing, but now they do own it and they have to govern. They’re learning that health care policy is hard.

Sean Spicer brought out props again to inform the American public of the virtues of their new plan. He pointed to two stacks during a press conference. Obamacare lots of pages. New plan not so many pages. See, even a toddler can get it. But, for real, can someone tell Mr. Spicer no more props? Stop trotting out paper to make political points and Spicer the fool wonders why it is so easy for Melissa McCarthy to skewer him on Saturday Night Live. Yes, let’s make judgments about health care based on the number of pages that came out of the printer – riiiight!

There was more dirt on Michael Flynn.

We had a new and improved Muslim-ban because Trump is like a dog with a bone and just want let that particular nasty, discriminatory bone go.

The Russia scandal that the Trump folks protest is not a scandal continues to look like one more and more each day.

Oh, and Ben Carson opened his mouth. As a black man, I really shake my head at his tomfoolery. I began a separate draft about his brand of stupidity earlier in the week, but never posted it as the days got away from me and the subject seemed outdated as the Trump folks love rolling out new hits of insanity each day. However, I may have to make an exception about that topic and post it anyway.

I am sure I am missing foolishness.

So I missed quite a bit of bullshit this week. I’ve got to keep my eye on the rolling fecal balls coming out of the White House each day. I will redeem myself with posting this upcoming week.

Thanks for reading!


Like Virginal Adolescents Primed to Score!

I was in the shower last night when I received a text message from a friend telling me that The Washington Post had broken a story that Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently did speak with the Russian ambassador before the election and that he lied under oath about that during testimony to Congress.

I read the text and resumed my bathing. Ok, I realize it may be a bit of an overshare to state I was in the shower, but that is how I learned the news. Oh, and yes, my phone usually travels with me – even to the bathroom. You’re learning some stuff about me whether you wanted to or not!

This is big news, but I was almost emotionless. This has to be the umpteenth connection and fishy fact we have learned, and we just keep chugging along like business as usual. Russia and all the connections the White House seems to have to Russia have to be part of a reality show we are not aware of at this point, right? Is America on Candid Camera?

I suppose I could have named this post, From Russia From Love – Part Three, but as there seems to be no shortage of stories on this subject, I can do that another time at this rate probably sometime next week.

I began this draft last night but wanted to tweak a few things and figured I would just post today. Of course, between yesterday and today this entire thing has blown up and, once again, the White House looks super shady. What was all of this preoccupation with Russia about? This pesky day job of mine can get in the way of staying caught up with the madness.

THERE IS SOMETHING TO THIS STORY! It’s like we’re searching for rotten food in our refrigerator at the moment. Lots of junk in the Tupperware and you can smell the stench and you think you’re getting warmer to solving the smelly puzzle, but in which container? Where is the spoiled, disgusting leftover meat?

The problem we have here is that the Republican Party is so close to getting what they have always wanted. They’re virginal adolescents with boobs in front of them just waiting to be touched. They are finally about to score politically – they can feel it. The boobs are the power to choose Supreme Court justices and effect the balance of the court. If Trump remains in office for four years and manages to be re-elected (God help us), that’s at least two judges at a minimum and that’s real power.

They’re gawking at the booty too and the booty is the ability to make changes to Medicare and Medicaid, gut Obamacare, destroy the EPA, slash taxes again for the wealthy and corporations, increase military spending and so much more. Maybe we will hear about privatizing social security again. These Republicans have many dirty fantasies about destroying what remains of the safety net in this country.

Maybe we will hear about privatizing Social Security again. These Republicans have many dirty fantasies about destroying what remains of the safety net in this country, who knows what they have up their sleeves. Let me not be so partisan, they would say they are trying to save money for the good of the country

But despite their boners, they smell the stench too and are choosing to hold their noses, ignore it, and grin because they know they are about to get laid. America was almost ruined, ruined I tell ya because Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail server. Meanwhile, our President might be owned by a foreign government, and you know, everyone is calm as a Southern belle sipping a Mint Julep on her front porch.

So when my dear friend informed me of this latest outrage last night, I almost shrugged. Not because I don’t care, not because it’s not a story, but because I have no faith anyone will do the right thing. Elections have consequences, and the 2016 election is proving to have significant implications.

Until it becomes politically untenable for them not to investigate, we are going to keep stuffing the Russia dirt under the rug – the law, the Constitution, and our republic be damned. When you have control of all the branches of government and your boner is pointing at all political boobs and booty you’ve alway wanted, you’re probably not going to do the right thing for the long-term health of the republic.

I have also mentioned, and I must again, this horrendous affliction of spineless and ball shrinkage in Washington. There seems to be no cure – it’s really unfortunate, probably the worse outbreak of spinelessness and ball-less politicians we have seen in decades.

Nixon was undone for covering up a petty break-in, and Clinton was almost destroyed by perjuring himself about a personal indiscretion. In 2017, what’s the political consequence about covering up several ties to a foreign government which has historically been diametrically opposed to the goals and values of the United States government? I mean it’s only an itsy bitsy problem. Who knows, I guess time will tell. I suppose we should all keep searching through that refrigerator for the stench. The sad thing is that I believe we have a long way before this scandal truly blows up and resolves itself.



From Russia With Love – Part Two

I am so excited, I finally have reason to write a “Part Two” blog post! I’ve been itching to do one, and I have finally been given my chance.

Russia! Trump and his gang’s knotty and ever tangled ties with Russia have given me license to do my first “Part Two.” This will also be the 25th post on the blog! I told myself I would write more in 2017 and so far so good. Ugh, I kind of owe thanks to the Great Clementine for this.

Moving along…Russia, Russia, Russia! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Trump has his own beautiful version of the blonde from The Brady Bunch, except his Marsha is bald and rides horses shirtless. Do we think he is regretting this Russia thing yet?

Everything these days seems to be about Russia and all the unusual and suspicious connections Trump and his team seem to have with the country and its repressive leader.

In my previous “From Russia” post, I discussed how pleased Putin must be with all his efforts. Russia was winning like Charlie Sheen – the hacking, the election, Syria, etc. But as more information drips out about Trump and his team, maybe he’s starting to feel like the Atlanta Falcons at this year’s Super Bowl – started out strong only to lose big. Excuse me, bigly. Let me keep up with times. The American people are probably not supposed to know of all of these messy ties after all.

In more exciting developments, the press is waking from their slumber, and they are salivating as they report on all these Russia stories like dogs devouring freshly cooked bacon dropped on a kitchen floor. They are licking their chops and sniffing around for more bacon. Let’s see what else they find.

Trump’s rise began with Russia and looking into my Magic 8-Ball, it looks like it could end with Russia too.

We have learned that Michael Flynn did discuss the sanctions President Obama had just unveiled with the Russian Ambassador before President Trump took office. Of course, he discussed sanctions with the Ambassador! I wonder what was said. Oh, wait. Apparently, there are transcripts out there. The damn fool was recorded by American intelligence. I won’t have to wonder for long.

When does that come out? Did Trump know? Oh, why yes he did – he was aware of this for almost 20 days and remained silent.

We’ve also learned today that Trump aides talked with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign. How unusual. Hmm, now why on Earth would those discussions be taking place? Maybe they wanted vodka recommendations?

Something tells me I will be writing a From Russia With Love – Part Three at some point.

President Trump also knew Flynn was being investigated by FBI and others and still picked him to lead the National Security Council. Absolutely jaw dropping stuff.

Moreover, the United States now has no head of the NSC. Does anyone care? Did everyone register that? I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act when the nun at the piano doesn’t hear her name called when it’s time to start playing the piano. Whoopi stomps her foot and says, “Alma check your battery!” Alma smiles and gets with the program. When is America going to get it together and check our battery or whatever we need to do to stop this foolishness?  When is the public, Democrat, and Republican alike, going to stop and demand that our government cease to be run like an episode of Romper Room?  Where are the serious adults? When are we going to get it together?

Russia is going to be a problem for Trump. Maybe not tomorrow, not six months from now, or even next year but this will be a continuing problem and the truth will come out. The slow and steady drip of information detailing the unusual, to say the least, and potentially illegal dealings with Russia will damage President Trump. This could be his Iran-Contra, his Lewinsky scandal, Watergate, or even worse than all three of those scandals.

Time will tell.

Lastly, to see the treatment that America needs, click below.


America: The Bully

If one thought of the international community as a playground with children’s cartoon characters, America is rapidly filling the role of Roger Klotz from Doug and Angelica from Rugrats. We are becoming the obnoxious bully everyone loves to hate with Trump in The White House. Not America the light of the world, America that sends it’s new U.N. Ambassador who on her first day proclaims: “For those who don’t have our backs, the U.S. is taking names.”

Oooh. Burn! Boom! The world collectively shakes in its boots, or I suppose that is the desired effect.

Ambassador Haley, as the kids say, gurl bye!

Like, really? This is what we’re doing? This is how the Ambassador to the United Nations speaks to them on Day One?An ambassador to the United Nations? Maybe my ears were clogged when she said that. I didn’t actually hear that, right?

But Americans, or some of us, love the idea of America with a gun on her hip at all times as she gallivants around the world. America as the hero, the fighter, like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky who can do anything and beat anyone – except when we don’t. There is always that little problem of when we don’t.

What are we fighting for? What are we so angry about? Taking names. Who the hell talks like this and who puts someone like that in a position as an ambassador? Oh, right Clementine the Great.

If the role we were looking to fill was  International Badass – I get it, put Nikki Haley in that slot quick so she can talk slick and tough and do her best John Wayne impersonation.

But America needs an Ambassador, we need diplomats. We need people who believe and understand diplomacy and history. We do not need badasses. This isn’t some Western flick. America needs allies and individuals on our side, not enemies and a growing list of countries we antagonize.

President Obama was weak and feckless according to the Republicans. Everything he did jeopardize our security. I don’t agree with that assessment, but fine – for the purpose of today’s post let’s say that’s true. How is saber rattling and provocation going to improve things?  There is no logic to be found in the fact that our country’s course correction for this problem was to elect an insecure, blustering fool intent on engaging in pissing contests and cockfights with the rest of the world.

It’s as if America, and our chosen leader, has a small penis and, so, we have to overcompensate by pounding our chest and provoking fights with other nations.

The concern, of course, is that one of these days our bully-in-chief is going to say something or do something that has consequences our country does not fully anticipate or can handle. Again, a bully can’t win all the fights, and there is always that one person, or be it country in this case, willing to stand up to the bully and beat their ass.

By my count we have done our talk tough, try to push them against the locker routine with China, Mexico, seven majority-Muslim nations with a special shout out to Iran who we decided to “put on notice.”

Today, the King having tired of whatever the Prime Minister of Australia was saying to him, reportedly hung up the phone and ended their phone conversation early – but not before bragging about the election and telling the man he had better calls with other world leaders. Allegedly. If allowed, I suspect he would have screamed off with his head too.

Let’s go back to China for a moment. Good old super populous China. Our trading partner and holder of vast sums of our debt – our special friend, China. If China had a penis, I bet it would be bigger than ours, but that doesn’t seem to stop the President from flashing his and grandstanding.

Then President-elect Trump gave China the finger and ended up on the phone with Taiwan (which we don’t do), as opposed to Beijing first,  breaking years of cultivated diplomacy. Because that’s not enough, Trump continues to give China the finger by tweeting haphazardly about it being a currency manipulator. Trump may be right about that, but Twitter is not the medium for such discussions.

Yes, for the love of God if Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are on Twitter it’s probably not the forum for major diplomatic discussions! Who is going to tell this man that you can’t discuss ANY  substantive political issue in less than 140 characters? Sorry, I digress.

And lastly, we’ve taken a more hawkish stance on Chinese activities in the South China Sea where there are island building and territorial disputes between various countries.

When China basically responded that American interference in the South China Sea would result in war between our two countries, the American media was too busy chasing the shiny balls that were the President’s silly Executive Orders on healthcare and regulations and whatever tweet of the day to really focus on that.

Our fight with Mexico would be hilarious if the proposed policy weren’t so appalling in its arrogance. We want to build a wall. Ok, great. The President didn’t convince Americans that it was important enough during the campaign and that we should pay for it.  No, instead, he dictates that it will be built and Mexico will pay for it. Mexico and Mexicans were minding their own business and had no say in this declaration. The entire thing is absurd.

As any sane person would expect, Mexico says they don’t want to build no stinkin’ wall! Ok, I said that with a Mexican accent in my head. I feel very passionate about this foolishness!

President Trump almost seems incredulous that the Mexican government has not caved. Our bullying President does not re-think his position, oh no, he instead begins to talk about tariffs and taxes and reimbursements and other crap. It’s ludicrous.

The Muslim ban which the Trump Administration doesn’t want to get caught calling a Muslim ban, ultimately just works against our long-term interests in the Muslim world. We can’t say we want peace with the Muslim world when we are behaving as if we are anti-Muslim. It’s really that simple. It’s like a Klansman claiming he just has a bed sheet on his head. A duck’s a duck. A Klansman is a Klansman and an American President assisting in the spread of Islamophobia – is exactly as it looks. More importantly, we are shamefully silent when there is an attack on a Mosque in Canada by a white Christian – who killed six.

So basically if a Muslim commits murder we shut down travel when white folks do it – the President can’t even mention it. We stood with France and Germany. Guess the Candian shooting doesn’t fit the narrative.So, yes, none of that will be good for American relationships with that region of the world.

And then there’s Iran – which deserves a shout out. Has King Trump been awakened from his slumber to receive a special briefing on the Rubix cube complexity that is Iran?

There is one aspect of the Iranian issue that is not that complicated, though. If the United States has a stated goal of not allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon,  we currently have a deal (not perfect) that removes that postpones that for a decade. Great, in theory, no war.

If you scrap the Nuclear Deal, then we go back to Iran having no incentive not to pursue their nuclear ambitions. If diplomacy is thrown out, and I don’t have faith in diplomacy under Trump when he has ambassadors taking names, that means that either the U.S. – or Israel – will be forced to stop Iran through military action. That’s it. That portion of the relationship, on this issue, is simple. No sane or thoughtful person believes that will be good for America or Israel.

Since starting my initial draft of this post, the U.S. has announced new sanctions on Iran because of its missile test, and Iran has told the U.S. to “be careful.”

President Trump has not been in office for 20 days.

But there’s that one country we won’t bully, and I hear they have excellent Vodka, which we may all be in need of soon.

Today, the U.S. announced the easing of sanctions that target information technology products being sold to Russia. The Obama Administration put sanctions in place after 17 U.S. intelligence agencies noted that Russia attempted to interfere in our electoral process. Today, the White House eased those same restrictions. I guess that’s cool. That makes sense. That’s America being tough. Let’s sell technology to the Russian Security Service – great!

Trump is in bed with Russia like a cheap whore and we have a Congress so obscenely obsessed with power that no one cares to speak out about behavior that would have any other politician run out of town. I guess even bullies know who they can’t beat. But here’s the thing, America can stand up to Russia, but our President can’t. Why? There is an answer to that and I would love to know what it is.

Here we are, with our own 70-year-old American bully President. America, the former light of the world, now leading it with vitriol and bullying behavior, with a President ready to stick his thumb in the eye of every other country – consequences be damned.