May I Come Out From Underneath the Covers Now?

I have nothing profound to offer on the current state of political affairs and events. This week I just, ugh. I mean what is there to say? This is who we are.

We have a government that would be content with turning its citizens into peasants if it means enriching a select few. We have citizens who are imbeciles, too uninformed to care and some so proud of their own ignorance that they will continue to support the same people who perpetually screw them over.

Our President is insane. No, really, this man is not well. He is a danger to America, the world, and the concept of democracy. He resides in his own universe, as do his followers, and there seems to be no sign of his imminent removal or departure. There is also no sign of his believers returning to reality. And even if he is removed, is the damage he has wrought irreversible? I suppose only time will tell.

We have had to throw Matt Lauer out with the other perverts, relegating him to the ever growing list of men who only see women as sexual beings placed upon this Earth for their personal pleasure and use their power to achieve that goal. At some point this week, I fell into the death trap that is reading online comments from articles. Oy vey. You read the comments and then you understand how Matt Lauer could possibly think it’s acceptable to have a lock button under his desk.

So at some point, about midweek, I had the urge to retreat to my bed, bring a lifetime supply of snacks, and never leave until someone comes in and gently taps me on the shoulder and reports that all the madness is over.

Our politics, the stench from the rot within the larger American culture, has really grossed me out this week. Maybe the year in general has worn me out. I feel like we all need to be hosed down, disinfected of this disease to harm others, to take advantage of others, and to be uninterested in taking care of the least of us. More importantly, hopefully the country can get reacquainted with decency and the truth.

I came out from underneath the covers this weekend to write this post, but from what I can tell, it’s still not safe to come out. For one, a madman remains President and based on comments I see – some people continue to believe in him. People still don’t believe women and people still remain numb to the royal screwing perpetuated upon them by their government.

Looks like this stay underneath the covers might be long indeed.  I am not sure if this is room for all the snacks I might need.




Time To Dust Off Your Conscience

I have a conscience. It generally keeps me honest, striving to do and be good, and when I behave like an ass (which happens), it serves as an internal alarm bell to self-correct and change course. It also has this annoying way of gnawing at me when I see wrong and inappropriate things happening right in front of me.

I like my conscience. I suspect you have a conscience too. While they seem to be in short supply in Washington D.C., it turns out that Bob Corker, John McCain, and Jeff Flake have one as well.

For those who did not see Senator Flake’s remarks on the Senate floor yesterday, it is worth the time to read the transcript or find a clip. Flake’s comments are too long to recount here, but surprise – he will not be seeking re-election and apparently finds the current POTUS to be unpresidential – among other truthful and disparaging thoughts. It was quite the rebuke of  a sitting President by a member of his own party. Of course, just a few hours before, Senator Corker – also a Republican – was once again lamenting the behavior of the person who currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He talked about his propensity to lie, his moral failings, and inability to govern. Ouch.

It is refreshing to hear a few Republicans not mince words about Trump. After all, the possession of a conscience is not tied to one’s partisan beliefs, right? Sadly, all three of the men I have mentioned are retiring (Flake, Corker) or will most likely not finish their term (McCain). It would be nice if we could get some courage from someone planning to remain in office. Oh well, small steps.

One’s conscience is a powerful thing. I know we live in hyper partisan times, but I cannot fathom, cannot fathom, how anyone cannot see or understand that Trump is a clear and present danger to our democracy and the world. The values he tramples upon, the boorish behavior he displays, is not a “Republican” or a “Democrat” thing. How do we get more people, despite party affiliation, to wake up and realize that? How do we have more people finally have a Jeff Flake moment?

The likelihood that I agree with any of the policy pronouncements espoused by Corker, Flake, or McCain are slim. They are self described conservatives with checkmarks beside all the little boxes one needs to mark in order to belong to that group. And you know what, that’s ok. However, I don’t question their overall morality, sanity, or their ability to understand the most basic tenets of our government and disagree with their policy views. 

I have a conscience. I would like to believe that more leaders in Congress have one, or hell, can afford to purchase one if they came assembled without one. The time for everyone to find their conscience whether on Main Street, or on Capitol Hill, is now. It is unthinkable that there are people out there either so blindly partisan or gleefully ignorant to think that the ride on the Trump train is normal and will come without consequences. The ability for people to lead prosperous, healthy, and dignified lives is at stake. The reputation of our country is at stake. The safety of our country, and the world, is at stake.

Morons and Adult Day Care Centers

Rex Tillerson and Senator Bob Corker are my new heroes. Yes, I know that this is an exceedingly low bar for heroes as these two have not actually done anything tangible that will protect the nation and the world from our orange lunatic.

Let’s start by talking about Mr. Tillerson. Mr. Tillerson should have never been appointed to his current position in the first place, let’s not forget that. He was another woefully unprepared person picked to lead a department of extreme importance, which seems to be the thing the Trump Administration does in their continued efforts to handicap the federal government.

Putting that aside, I understand Rex’s concerns. Being woefully unprepared does not make you an idiot. Mr. Tillerson strikes me as someone who at least knows what he doesn’t know, which is more than can be said for the President. So his description of the President seems fine and fair to me. We all have had at least one boss in our lives who we thought was a moron. Actually, slight correction, he supposedly said that Mr. Trump was a f*cking moron which, again, appears accurate.

Here’s the thing though. Why is Rex still there? It certainly is not for the money or the prestige of working at the State Department, as neither Tillerson nor the President seem to believe in diplomacy or to know much about it. But if Trump is such a moron, and in my experience morons cannot help but be anything other than morons, why not leave? Respectfully offer your resignation, pack up your papers and parcels, and leave. Yes, Trump is a moron, but Tillerson looks like a whiny, spineless sap – who is a coward and without principles. He’s shooting off at the mouth, but still shows up for work everyday to take more crap.

And then there is Senator Corker from Tennessee, who might be my favorite person of the week. He wasn’t having any of Trump’s shenanigans over the weekend. As the President attempted to start one of his Twitter feuds, Corker essentially ended it with a delicious verbal smack down. “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.” OUCH. There is a level of messy cattiness to that quote that I just love. I don’t think the Twitter-in-Chief responded to that one. Score One for Corker! But unlike Tillerson who I think should resign, Corker is leaving the Senate, which I think is terrible. Will Tennessee voters do what was done in Alabama and give us someone more conservative and wacky like Roy Moore, the man who believes homosexuality should be illegal and 9/11 was some sort of moral retribution?

Senator Corker is not running for re-election so he has nothing to lose and while I love his retort to the President, it isn’t exactly brave. Is there anyone in Washington willing to speak up while they actually have something on the line? Can anyone speak up AND decide to stay in the fight? When did everyone become so cowardly? After all, we are only talking about the future of our country. If everyone secretly believes the emperor has no clothes, when are they going to do something about it?

Just Stop Talking

Put a lid on the lips and clamp the tongues! Truly, for the love of God, can folks just take a minute and stop talking? Just stop talking. It’s a lesson for us all when we have royally screwed up or maybe to consider before we screw up!

It has been a week since I have written anything and my brain aches from the pure stupidity flying around through the atmosphere in America right now and making national news.

I am talking to the lovely folks at Pepsi, the CEO of United Airlines and, of course, my pal Sean Spicer who, as a baby, can’t help play in his own fecal matter on a weekly basis.

But it’s ok, we all make mistakes, start to dig our own graves and bravely prepare to jump in. However, at some point, you have to stop digging. You can put the shovel down and do the Kool-Aid man backup shuffle and get out of the pile of dong you have found yourself standing in.

I previously wrote about Pepsi but did not have time to add a post about their non-apology statement. I don’t even know what that initial response was supposed to be. Then there was United Airlines who apparently don’t need customers, which is the only thing that explains their CEO’s initial response.

And then there was my absolute favorite step in poo person of the week, Mr. Spicer. Mr. Spicer has stepped in it before, but this week – man – there are no words. Even I almost felt for the guy. Mr. Spicer quibbling about chemical weapons and airborne attacks – and comparisons to Hitler and which mass murderer was worse. Sheesh. It’s probably a safe bet for us all to forego any comparisons to Hitler. It never ends well. Someone should have come out from underneath the podium, gently tapped him on the shoulder, and just told him to be quiet – instantly.

Because of my failure to write anything these last couple of days, I was unable to comment on the events about Syria. I actually believe the U.S. and the West should respond when countries violate international laws and norms, like using chemical weapons. So, for a day or two, I suppose I was on the same side as Trump. But we have a White House who cannot even seem to agree on why they did this or what the end goal is and they’ve had a week, if not months to come up with that rationale.

It also doesn’t help that we are learning that Trump apparently acted because Ivanka was upset by this event. Huh? Trump didn’t know about this before, never thought about this as a candidate? Can’t he just go out and buy his daughter an ice cream cone like all good father’s do when their daughter’s are upset? If that doesn’t work how about a nice dress or, hell, their rich –  buy her a penthouse! I mean come on!

And we really can’t intelligently debate the merits of any military action because there was Sean babbling like a buffoon about Hitler not gassing anyone – although he presumably meant during combat. Either way, it was just awful, painfully awful.

Poor, poor, Sean Spicer. I actually don’t think he meant to sound like such an offensive dweeb but, you know what, as the title states – sometimes it better to just stand quietly. No one asked that man to make that comparison.

So, for today, I am going to advocate that everyone just stop talking. When you screw up, apologize quickly, put your lips together, and just be quiet. Put down the shovel. Get out of the dirt. Walk away from the grave you have created and just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to jump in.



Let’s Talk About God

Yes, you read that title correctly, I am going to talk about God in the Christian sense. I have been writing this blog for almost three months, and it has given me the opportunity to do two things I love – writing and discussing my viewpoints on politics. The writing aspect has remained enjoyable, but the highlighting of the latest Trump action that degrades our democracy is not always so enjoyable.

When I decided to start the blog, I wanted it to be entertaining while discussing a subject matter that always revs up my personal engines and I feel is important.

I am beginning to struggle with the Trump and the entertaining part of my mission.  I sincerely believe that Trump is trashing our democracy. He is turning our system of government into something I don’t recognize. Too many of the American people and our elected officials are allowing it to happen. I don’t even give two shits at the moment about party affiliation. As an AMERICAN, I am horrified and I feel like everyone should be mortified as well.

The FBI is investigating members of the Trump campaign and maybe the President, although we can’t know for sure, to what would amount to treason. Collusion with a foreign power against our election and democracy, a historic adversary at that, would be treason. For those who think that is hyperbole, take some time to look up the definition of treason as defined by our Constitution and additional laws passed by our Congress and tell me that this is not what this potentially, and appears, to be. See, that’s not so entertaining when you put it like that.

Eh, treason smeason – what’s the big deal about that? Let’s all keep calm and carry on and remain in our partisan tents.

But for now, you know what, I am going to carry on. I have to believe that the truth will come out and the American people if thumped on the head long enough will see the truth. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON. SCREW HILLARY CLINTON. For those who know me personally, you know I must be serious as I have tons of affinity for Mrs. Clinton. THIS IS NO LONGER ABOUT POLITICAL PARTY!

Oy vey!

So I am going to carry on and drink red wine and write. I don’t drink and drive, but I do drink and blog and so today we are going to talk about anything other than Trump – so why not God.

I guess let me just say, I have an estranged relationship with the concept of God – at best. I have to call it a concept because as Whitney Houston told Diane Sawyer, “I wanna see the receipts.” Show me the receipts!  I’ve seen no receipts, no empirical evidence of the existence of God. I have, however, seen evidence of the Congressional Budget Office report about the numbers of people who would be thrown off their health care plans if this horrendous plan circulating through Congress were to pass. I have seen those receipts. I kind of just happen to be a facts sorts of guy. I sometimes wish Americans would get more upset, be more passionate about the things that are happening right in front of them, here on Earth.

Now let me get my disclaimer out of the way right at this moment. It is not my intention to offend anyone with this post. Several of my favorite people on this planet would proudly proclaim their faith in God and how he, she, or it – has helped them get through major trials and tribulations in their lives. They are thoughtful people, intelligent people who I admire and respect.

This is not a knock on anyone who is a person of faith. I am just expressing that this has not been my experience. By the way, if there is a God, I hope it’s a woman and that she’s fabulous and fashionable and calls people out for their crap at the end of days. I hope she is sarcastic and bitchy and says things like, “Gurl, you know good and well you can’t get into heaven after sleeping with that woman’s husband!” Yeah, I hope she says things like that.

Women rock and are strong and stylish and are able to wear thigh high boots and so often have to clean up all the crap men screw up. And just because I feel like God should most definitely be a woman, with my luck that would mean God probably isn’t. Oh well.

There have been moments in my life when I have wondered about a higher being, or the “universe” speaking to me like the time I was playing Neil Diamond at work on the one year anniversary of a co-workers Grandmother passing. Don’t judge me for listening to Neil Diamond by the way! Actually, if I put on my playlist for the public there might be lots of judgment to go around.

It was exactly one year from the day she passed, and I learned that her Grandmother, who she was extremely close with, loved Neil Diamond. The moment seemed to bring her such peace and made her so happy on a day that I am sure was not pleasant for her. My playing music in my office was not unusual, but my listening to Neil Diamond certainly was not my norm.

I am not a huge Neil Diamond fan and, you know, we’re talking about a black gay man (me) and a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx here folks. Neil Diamond probably wasn’t the target audience – the entire thing was a little odd. I don’t know, I have my moments. But, that day always stuck with me, and it was one of those things that I just never felt like a report or science would be able to explain. It just felt larger than me so, anyway, I have my moments where I go…hmm…maybe there could be something to all this, but not usually.

Now let me merge God with my favorite topic…politics…and America.

First, let me say, I personally just believe there is too much suffering in the world for there to be a God, or he or she is really passive, which would then seem to me that exact opposite of what a God would do. And, if God were a woman, we know she would be doing something – women are always doing. So, again, I guess I have my evidence that God must be a man. GROAN.

But, all jokes aside, there is too much suffering on this planet for me to fully be comfortable with the concept of God and if he, she, or it exists – the fact that he, she, or it would allow so much suffering to take place would not endear me to this God.

Second, there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to good people who suffer or bad people who suffer, or punishment for heinous actions, etc. It’s all so random which, again, for me defeats the entire purpose of the belief in a God.

I have always felt that God must be in over is head or has a really bad secretary or assistant who has not kept him or her abreast of the most important issues that need attention. I know lots of people are calling out for help, are the phones being answered in the God office?  Doesn’t seem like it. Does he only respond to e-mails? What’s the address?

It’s like God is a government employee and the paperwork on Syria, slavery, the Holocaust, fill in the awfulness of your choice, were lost. Do to all sorts of lost paperwork – horrible things are allowed to happen. God is a DMV employee it seems. I am sure there are some excellent DMV employees by the way. I need my God to be proactive on such matters – no shade to God.

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, I suppose it will be for this post, but in the spirit of free speech, I am going to risk it! And, besides, an omnipotent and all-seeing God would know all my thoughts anyway, right?

My father always told me that people who don’t do the right thing will get their justice, but you might not always be around to see it. I am kind of an impatient person, so that doesn’t work for me either. I am waiting on the couch, with my popcorn, waiting to hear and see the justice.

But let me get to my third point, and most important, which is the holy rollers and Bible thumpers that seem rampant in this great land that we call America. I think that this is my man problem. Jesus loving and sanctified on Sundays, and miserly, and mean-spirited on say, Monday, like  Paul Ryan – a practicing Catholic who has a serious boner for taking away healthcare for the poor and charging the elderly more for out of pocket costs so he can save a few ducats for his wealthy friends. Huh? Boy, bye! As the kids would say, where they do that at boo?

Hell, I am the gay, Madonna-loving New Yorker and even I know from the smattering of biblical teachings I had growing up that this is NOT what Jesus would do. And a large segment of Americans, belonging to the citizenry of the most wealthy country on this Earth, seem totally ok with this and would, of course, consider themselves to be Christian.

Yes, let’s talk about God. We so often put God into politics when it comes to abortion, how about health-care? How about taking care of the sick? Jesus was all about that, so I have heard.  How about banning the death penalty as the state shouldn’t be about the business of taking a life? Let’s talk about God and let’s talk about policy! Can I get an Amen? A witness? A hallelujah? No, not even one of those things? Eh, I tried.

Here is one thing I can respect about Trump (damn it, I am talking about him). While he is corrupt, vile, unintelligent, racist, narcissistic, ill-equipped, thin-skinned, a stooge for Russia, and most repugnant of all – ORANGE. Why is he still orange?  Anyway, does not bring God into the mix. He has the decency and the cojones to claim that all of his abhorrent thoughts and behavior have been squeezed out of that supposedly brilliant pea sized brain of his. He doesn’t wear his religion (although not sure he is religious), his Christianity, as a badge and then comes out and support laws that steal from the sick. On that account, he is better than someone like Paul Ryan – the supposedly smart and Catholic one.

I guess the worst thing about Christianity and religion, in general, are the so called members. Too many are not good spokespeople for the cause. Hell, most members of Congress belong to some sort of Christian denomination – that does not give me comfort.

So maybe we should talk more about what Jesus would do in the current political climate. Would he be building more prisons and be proud that the stock of private prison companies was going up? Would he advocate building walls and keeping out people literally fleeing death? Would he be so gung-ho to execute 10 prisoners in Arkansas because they are running out of the cocktail needed to perform lethal injections? Would he advocate revoking health care from millions? Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a Church, but I think not. Ah, what do I know, I am just a liberal gay sinner, burning in hell according to some.

Thanks for allowing me to take a sort of Trump break (I know he was mentioned, but come on – I didn’t completely rant about him!). I am sure I will probably end up breaking my no-Trump rule sooner rather than later as the news keeps on rolling in on the Russia front. But, for the next few days, I am going to try and lay off of him for a bit. I think most of us get that story by now.

Thanks for reading.




Kentucky Fried Stupid

Behold the amazing, glorious irony of a group of people ignoring and trashing a law for years that has benefited them, and proudly voting in people wanting to take away that benefit, only for the obvious consequences of such votes finally coming to fruition. Now, it appears, folks are upset.

What did these people think was going to happen? Dumb – just dumb. I call it a special version of dumb, Kentucky Fried Stupid. Trump and the Republicans are, after all, only doing what they said they would for years in regards to Obamacare.

Now let me just go ahead and get two things out of the way upfront. I am picking on the kind folks of Kentucky. Obviously, there are others who vote against their own interests, but I really like saying Kentucky Fried Stupid – so there. Second, I have a bias against the Trump voters out there. I have tried to understand, I really have but with each passing day and each passing absurdity of this administration it just makes it extraordinarily hard for me to believe anyone would willingly vote for this man and his policies.

I have debated posting this because there are elements that aren’t exactly kind. I can acknowledge that my feelings on this topic don’t represent everyone and there may be a stereotype or two in this post. These are my feelings, my opinions – not facts. See, look at me being an adult and more mature than our President and being able to distinguish between alternative facts, feelings, opinions, and actual facts.

I kind of scrunch my nose up these days when I think of anything West of the Hudson River and East of San Francisco Bay, so Kentucky is in that vast swath of American land where reading is bad, blacks are criminals and terrible- except Oprah, and health-care is even worse still.

So with no health-care, they probably have rotting teeth and are proud of it. I also envision barefoot women walking on dirt roads and men with coal on their faces at all times. Oh, wait, that’s what I envision when I think of West Virginia – I am confusing my downtrodden places. See, I told you I was going to stereotype and generalize. At least I was honest, which is more than I can say about Republican lawmakers trying to sell this new health-care bill.

Ok, now let me be an adult and temper my critique. My vitriol towards these folks exists because in my opinion they were uninformed and were conned. But because enough of them came out in droves and voted in Clementine the Great, the rest of us will have to suffer the consequences too – in a variety of areas. So, yes, sometimes I have a little disdain for the Trumpsters.

But as we are now witnessing with this new healthcare plan which would adversely affect a state like Kentucky, they will suffer too for allowing themselves to be duped. It turns out folks in Kentucky like their Obamacare even if they call it other glossy and pretty names. Turns out the Republicans aren’t magicians and have no special glittery health-care wands to lower costs and give access to those who need it. It appears as though while not perfect, Obamacare had some elements that work – imagine that.

So part of me is entertained by the entire spectacle. Sometimes I cannot help but hope that Paul Ryan and President Trump are successful in overhauling Obamacare and screw these people – maybe they will wake up and not make a mistake like this again. But, of course, innocent people who did not vote for this man will be hurt too – so I cannot advocate for that seriously. But I hope a lesson is learned and that maybe when they have an opportunity to vote for a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump in the future, they won’t pick the pussygrabber because the other one wears pant suits and is the “devil” – they will actually pay attention to policy.

Ok, had to get that off my chest!

I want to point out that I am not personally affected by any potential changes. As an adult, I have always had insurance through my employer – always. I have never been on Obamacare and to be honest, most of my friends and family are in the same boat and, so, you can argue they truly are not affected on a day to day basis by this law – whether it remains, is repealed, or watered down.

But you know what I am a human being. I am a decent human being in a Western country, and I believe people should have affordable health-care without being bankrupted and I believe the government does have an interest in seeing that this happens. And before anyone gives me that crap about other people subsidizing other people’s healthcare, the government subsidizes insurance people receive through their employers too – it’s called deductions and write off’s for those businesses.

I don’t want anyone to lose their healthcare, including my toothless friends in Kentucky. I am sure they are not as bad as all that I described earlier. Hell, some of my dearest friends and family live West of the Hudson in good old Pennsylvania so there is bound to be some good reasonable, logical folks in Kentucky too.

I want folks in Kentucky – and everywhere – to remain healthy and to keep their coverage and, ironically, it looks like that might happen. I want to live in a country that is willing to spend more on health-care for the elderly and sick than to spend money on manufacturing yet another bomb.

But there appears to be some good news.  The newly elected Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, railed against Obamacare and wanted to repeal it, now in office, he seems less eager to do that. And some moderate Republicans are already balking at the idea of scrapping the Medicaid expansion component to Obamacare.

Also, as I mentioned, some folks in deep Republican-red Kentucky are waking up to the fact that Obamacare is a benefit to them and for those of us fortunate to not have to worry about this issue, could be there for us if we ever found ourselves unemployed or in a jam.

The other thing that kills me too is that we’re not talking about blue New York or blue California with the highest rates of uninsured, it’s Republican areas of the country (i.e. Kentucky) that are benefiting from this law the most and seeing significant drops in the rate of  uninsured. Look at the America hating Muslim helping out the country bumpkins!

I am glad to see people protesting in Kentucky and elsewhere. It’s not a coincidence that the deep red South has some of the largest uninsured rates in this country. It would have been nice had these folks been more vocal in their support in 2009 and 2010 when President Obama practically used all his political capital to get this done but, you know, better late than never. I hope everyone keeps their health care and that folks are more vigilant against the next con artist in the future.


Like Virginal Adolescents Primed to Score!

I was in the shower last night when I received a text message from a friend telling me that The Washington Post had broken a story that Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently did speak with the Russian ambassador before the election and that he lied under oath about that during testimony to Congress.

I read the text and resumed my bathing. Ok, I realize it may be a bit of an overshare to state I was in the shower, but that is how I learned the news. Oh, and yes, my phone usually travels with me – even to the bathroom. You’re learning some stuff about me whether you wanted to or not!

This is big news, but I was almost emotionless. This has to be the umpteenth connection and fishy fact we have learned, and we just keep chugging along like business as usual. Russia and all the connections the White House seems to have to Russia have to be part of a reality show we are not aware of at this point, right? Is America on Candid Camera?

I suppose I could have named this post, From Russia From Love – Part Three, but as there seems to be no shortage of stories on this subject, I can do that another time at this rate probably sometime next week.

I began this draft last night but wanted to tweak a few things and figured I would just post today. Of course, between yesterday and today this entire thing has blown up and, once again, the White House looks super shady. What was all of this preoccupation with Russia about? This pesky day job of mine can get in the way of staying caught up with the madness.

THERE IS SOMETHING TO THIS STORY! It’s like we’re searching for rotten food in our refrigerator at the moment. Lots of junk in the Tupperware and you can smell the stench and you think you’re getting warmer to solving the smelly puzzle, but in which container? Where is the spoiled, disgusting leftover meat?

The problem we have here is that the Republican Party is so close to getting what they have always wanted. They’re virginal adolescents with boobs in front of them just waiting to be touched. They are finally about to score politically – they can feel it. The boobs are the power to choose Supreme Court justices and effect the balance of the court. If Trump remains in office for four years and manages to be re-elected (God help us), that’s at least two judges at a minimum and that’s real power.

They’re gawking at the booty too and the booty is the ability to make changes to Medicare and Medicaid, gut Obamacare, destroy the EPA, slash taxes again for the wealthy and corporations, increase military spending and so much more. Maybe we will hear about privatizing social security again. These Republicans have many dirty fantasies about destroying what remains of the safety net in this country.

Maybe we will hear about privatizing Social Security again. These Republicans have many dirty fantasies about destroying what remains of the safety net in this country, who knows what they have up their sleeves. Let me not be so partisan, they would say they are trying to save money for the good of the country

But despite their boners, they smell the stench too and are choosing to hold their noses, ignore it, and grin because they know they are about to get laid. America was almost ruined, ruined I tell ya because Hillary Clinton had a private e-mail server. Meanwhile, our President might be owned by a foreign government, and you know, everyone is calm as a Southern belle sipping a Mint Julep on her front porch.

So when my dear friend informed me of this latest outrage last night, I almost shrugged. Not because I don’t care, not because it’s not a story, but because I have no faith anyone will do the right thing. Elections have consequences, and the 2016 election is proving to have significant implications.

Until it becomes politically untenable for them not to investigate, we are going to keep stuffing the Russia dirt under the rug – the law, the Constitution, and our republic be damned. When you have control of all the branches of government and your boner is pointing at all political boobs and booty you’ve alway wanted, you’re probably not going to do the right thing for the long-term health of the republic.

I have also mentioned, and I must again, this horrendous affliction of spineless and ball shrinkage in Washington. There seems to be no cure – it’s really unfortunate, probably the worse outbreak of spinelessness and ball-less politicians we have seen in decades.

Nixon was undone for covering up a petty break-in, and Clinton was almost destroyed by perjuring himself about a personal indiscretion. In 2017, what’s the political consequence about covering up several ties to a foreign government which has historically been diametrically opposed to the goals and values of the United States government? I mean it’s only an itsy bitsy problem. Who knows, I guess time will tell. I suppose we should all keep searching through that refrigerator for the stench. The sad thing is that I believe we have a long way before this scandal truly blows up and resolves itself.