I Still Smell Bullsh*t

I don’t feel like sugarcoating stuff today. The bullshit kept rolling in last week. Sorry for cursing folks, but there is not a better word for what is coming out of Washington, D.C. other than bullshit.

I love blogging and really dislike when life gets in the way, but that’s what happened last week for me and boy did I miss quite a bit of absurdity coming out of Trumpland this week. Damn this day job of mine! Does anyone want to pay me to sit at home and drink coffee so I can watch and read about this lousy excuse of an administration with my mouth agape – and then write snarky blog posts about them? Ugh, that would be the life! A boy can dream.

What do we do when our President lies as he breathes and blinks? How do we take him seriously? At this point, I suspect it is not his fault. The President is not well and cannot be blamed that this horrible affliction of rampant dishonesty has washed over his mind, that he cannot separate fact from fiction and cannot discern real new sources from fake ones.

So, President Obama tapped Trump Tower. GROAN. Yep, there was Barack in a black skull and leather gloves breaking and entering into a most public of buildings on 5th Avenue to wiretap Trump’s phone lines. OY VEY. I am not going to even bother to get into the legality and logistical problems with those claims other than to say our President has a sickness. If he were just your 70-year-old orange Uncle who spouted off nonsense, you’d probably just roll your eyes or pat his head and just think to yourself – that’s just crazy old Uncle Donald. Unfortunately, our crazy Uncle Donald is President.

We received job numbers this week which were hugely, and bigly, good and poor Sean Spicer was trotted out to joke about how these particular numbers are now true but were somehow fake under President Obama. Meanwhile, the numbers are coming from the same Labor Department they have always come from. More lies and more insanity. The press giggled like schoolchildren at the joke. Appalling.

We had movement on healthcare which has been entertaining to watch and listen as Republicans try to remove their necks from the noose they tied for themselves almost eight years ago. Instead of critiquing certain parts of the healthcare law, they basically just said the entire thing sucked like hormonal angry, gothy teenagers. That was an easy position when they didn’t own the thing, but now they do own it and they have to govern. They’re learning that health care policy is hard.

Sean Spicer brought out props again to inform the American public of the virtues of their new plan. He pointed to two stacks during a press conference. Obamacare lots of pages. New plan not so many pages. See, even a toddler can get it. But, for real, can someone tell Mr. Spicer no more props? Stop trotting out paper to make political points and Spicer the fool wonders why it is so easy for Melissa McCarthy to skewer him on Saturday Night Live. Yes, let’s make judgments about health care based on the number of pages that came out of the printer – riiiight!

There was more dirt on Michael Flynn.

We had a new and improved Muslim-ban because Trump is like a dog with a bone and just want let that particular nasty, discriminatory bone go.

The Russia scandal that the Trump folks protest is not a scandal continues to look like one more and more each day.

Oh, and Ben Carson opened his mouth. As a black man, I really shake my head at his tomfoolery. I began a separate draft about his brand of stupidity earlier in the week, but never posted it as the days got away from me and the subject seemed outdated as the Trump folks love rolling out new hits of insanity each day. However, I may have to make an exception about that topic and post it anyway.

I am sure I am missing foolishness.

So I missed quite a bit of bullshit this week. I’ve got to keep my eye on the rolling fecal balls coming out of the White House each day. I will redeem myself with posting this upcoming week.

Thanks for reading!


The King is Denied

Henry VIII needed papal approval for his desired annulment from his first wife Catherine of Aragon as he was stepping out on her with a younger woman who he hoped could give him a male heir. When the request was denied by the Pope, Henry VIII claimed supremacy over religious matters and ultimately created the Church of England.

He also banished and had some folks killed, but he ultimately was able to marry again – despite what the Pope said. Although he never received the male heir from his second wife Anne Boleyn, the world received Elizabeth I. Karma is a real you know what!

Here’s to hoping our own King, King Trump, gets a dose of karma.

King Trump desperately wants a Muslim ban even if it has no basis in fact and the ban is not being reinstated. The 9th Circuit, as did previous judges, have told the King that he has overreached.

King Trump is receiving his first repeated dose of being denied.

Our King, as expected, took to Twitter to decry the decision and defiantly inform his subjects that this is about national security and this issue will go back to the courts. The petulant child does not like being told no.

Sigh. If you say so Donald. If you say so. I also look like the Rock, have millions in the bank, and thus don’t have to work tomorrow and can write all day to my heart’s content. See, I paid attention during my alternative facts lesson from that wicked Ms. Conway. A pile of poo is a stinking pile of poo and the ban reeks. When is the King going to accept this?

Our King, like Henry VIII, is never told no, just ask any of the woman involved in Pussygate. He always gets what he wants. But he has been denied. What will he do? If Henry could create his own Church, maybe our King will create his own judicial system. Stranger things have happened.

The Trump Presidency (I abhor calling it that) is going to be the ultimate test of the checks and balances built into our system and a test of the attention spans of the American people, who have historically shown the focus of a fly at a county fair.

But Trump is not the first President, and will not be the last, who has overreached. Andrew Jackson was denied his wish to remove Native Americans from lands that were not ours by the Supreme Court. Andrew Jackson ignored the Court and moved them anyway.

He also will not be the first, or the last, to push or quietly allow heinous laws and policies to be implemented. FDR signed an Executive Order allowing Japanese internment camps during World War II because of “national security” concerns. The great and beloved FDR who gave us Social Security and rallied the nation through the Depression allowed that.

The American people didn’t seem too outraged by that internment issue back then, which is the funny thing about racism and bigotry. It always rears its ugly head time and again against various groups and at different times through history. There is always a group willing to justify it. There is always an audience for it and always someone willing to exploit that fact.

The American people let that happen, and I fear they will allow more despicable policies and laws to be put in place this time around too.

So, Trump does not have a lock on despicable American behavior coming out of the Executive Branch of our government. However, he is the first who is so openly disdainful, almost on a daily basis, to the designed checks within the system on his power – whether that be the judiciary or protected free speech that allows media to ask critical questions of him.

It is great news that the 9th Circuit ruled in a way that makes sense to most reasonable people in this country. Now, what happens next? He still plans to fight. What are we, the other side, going to do? I no longer take comfort in believing that the majority of the American people will do the right thing or want to see the right thing done.

I believe that what Trump and his friends really wanted to do was ban all Muslims from all Muslim-majority countries. Anyone can look up with Steve Bannon thinks about Muslims and it’s not pretty.

However, a complete ban would be too easy to pull apart legally, so we have received this watered down version of this bigoted ban that’s just coincidentally all Muslim countries. Politically he looks like he is keeping a campaign promise and we get to inject a little bigotry which helps his base get their jollies.

The King was denied today and a small victory was won, but the fight isn’t over. We have a President willing to stretch his Executive Power to achieve abhorrent policy goals and a man who, as an individual, is repugnant. It’s a dangerous combination and one that I don’t believe we are all completely prepared to handle.


Trump and the Villification of Muslims

Because President Trump campaigned to make America safe again, he signed an Executive Order banning all citizens from Saudi Arabia entering the United States, as 15 out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from that country. Also, because of years of mass shootings primarily committed by white men, the Trump Administration moved to round up those found to be lonely, reclusive, weird, and “wacky.” The concern being that white men seem to have a tendency to shoot up high schools, elementary schools, black churches, and movie theaters  – among other things.

Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. All of that would be silly and not a real solution. But in keeping with doing things that don’t solve problems, the President actually signed an Executive Order that bans entry from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen which is even sillier than the fake news I outlined in the first paragraph.

The thing about Trump and his Administration is that they are bratty children throwing a tantrum on the world’s stage. We have left uneducated children who think they know everything in charge of the Executive Branch. So on Friday, we received a bunch of theater, meaningless hullaballoo and another  Executive Order, an especially vile one, for the cameras to see – banning Muslims – supposedly to make America safer. He was so gleeful in the signing of this order, I was waiting for him to beat his chest.

Trump and that apprentice of the devil, Kellyanne Conway, can call it what they want, but it is a small down payment on his pledge to ban Muslims – period. Yes, they didn’t ban all Muslims, only some so I suppose that is meant to make it less abominable, right? There was excitement over the weekend about a New York judge temporarily blocking the order, but that only applied to people already here and stranded at the airport – not the entire Executive Order.

As an aside, if I have to see this peeled cantaloupe, as my friend calls him, proudly signing orders like he is Henry VIII one more time I might scream. I thought Republicans hated Executive Orders.

Who is going to tell the King that the majority of these attacks on our soil have been conducted by American citizens? Was this information not in his briefings? Was he too busy tweeting? Too busy fighting with Alec Baldwin? Too busy insulting Meryl Streep? Too busy applying pressure to the Parks Department to find “alternative” photographs showing his YUGE crowd size at the inauguration? Who is going to explain to the President that ISIS is an ideology, spread on the internet and that people already within the United States have been, and can be, radicalized?

He talked about totally defeating ISIS in his inauguration speech and, to be fair, Obama talked in the same absurd terms regarding ISIS. American President’s tend to talk in sweeping terms about threats, but smart people know that one might be able to defeat an occupying army, but you can never defeat an ideology – what’s in the hearts and minds of people.

Are we going to ban French nationals too as some of the recent attacks in that country  were conducted by radicalized citizens? What about Germans? What about banning people from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or the United Arab Emirates? I believe there were some 9/11 ties there. Oh, wait, it’s being reported Trump has some business interests there so they can’t make the list.

In voting for this man, the American people have unleashed a rabid dog on their fellow citizens and the world. He is irrational, angry, lacks impulse control, and is uncontainable – except in regards to Russia. Vladimir Putin must be holding some sort button to an invisible electric shock collar around Trump’s neck because Trump is oddly quiet, polite, and non-offensive related to all things Russian.

At the end of the day, I don’t believe we should be banning millions of people outright of any country. If the United States is in such a state of fear and unable to vet people, maybe we shouldn’t allow anyone to come into the country, as clearly there are threats from many, many areas of the globe.

I like reality television (don’t judge me), and since we have our first reality television President, it is important to point out a constant on all of those shows, especially the most appalling. Turn on Love and Hip Hop, Marriage Bootcamp, or The Real Housewives of Fill in the City of Your Choice, for instance, the casts are filled with self-important people, usually doing crappy things.

They’re bad husbands and wives, bad business partners, disloyal friends, etc. They are usually all the things we would teach our children not to be. Even though they themselves can go back and see their own bad behavior at all times, the footage is always there, these people rarely believe any of their actions create the drama or causes problems, it’s always someone or something else. They are also abnormally confident in their own behavior and decisions and, of course, being right.

Filling a television program with people like that and then allowing cameras to roll sets the stage for great conflict and drama. It can be tons of fun to watch when you’re just talking about boozy wealthy women with nothing else better to do than to lunch and gossip.

In the past, American’s looked at these sort of people, shook their heads while being entertained and went about their lives. In 2016, the American public chose to elect one of these people to the highest office in the land.

Call him a rabid dog, a stupid peeled cantaloupe, or a reality tv star President, he is dangerous and woefully unfit for this position. His words matter. His poorly thought out Executive Orders matter.

I am ashamed to be witness to this ban and hope an adult in the room convinces the King to change course for the sake of those people, America’s reputation and, yes, our safety – because this action does not make us safer.

Uh, this man makes me so disgusted I had to write on a Sunday!