Some of us hate politics. Politics can be confusing. We believe all politicians are corrupt and our votes don’t count or matter. The list of reasons not to be engaged, to sit on the sidelines and complain can be lengthy. After all, it is in the interest of the powerful and the few to make the masses feel that way. At the end of the day though, politics is a game – a long game – and we can win. Politics affect our lives and the lives of those we love. GET IN THE GAME in whatever way you can.

I will admit I am a political and historical geek, but Pop into Politics is a weekly podcast and blog that will make you laugh (politics doesn’t always have to be soooo serious). I will delve into the topics of the day, sometimes reach back in time for a historical perspective, and hopefully find ways keep us all engaged. We all can do things, collectievly, to make America a better place. Only we the people can do that!

This podcast aims to keep topics simple with clear calls to action. Check out weekly blog posts that delve into topics not covered in the weekly podcast and look out for polls and surveys! We always love feedback.

Thanks for listening and reading!