May I Come Out From Underneath the Covers Now?

I have nothing profound to offer on the current state of political affairs and events. This week I just, ugh. I mean what is there to say? This is who we are.

We have a government that would be content with turning its citizens into peasants if it means enriching a select few. We have citizens who are imbeciles, too uninformed to care and some so proud of their own ignorance that they will continue to support the same people who perpetually screw them over.

Our President is insane. No, really, this man is not well. He is a danger to America, the world, and the concept of democracy. He resides in his own universe, as do his followers, and there seems to be no sign of his imminent removal or departure. There is also no sign of his believers returning to reality. And even if he is removed, is the damage he has wrought irreversible? I suppose only time will tell.

We have had to throw Matt Lauer out with the other perverts, relegating him to the ever growing list of men who only see women as sexual beings placed upon this Earth for their personal pleasure and use their power to achieve that goal. At some point this week, I fell into the death trap that is reading online comments from articles. Oy vey. You read the comments and then you understand how Matt Lauer could possibly think it’s acceptable to have a lock button under his desk.

So at some point, about midweek, I had the urge to retreat to my bed, bring a lifetime supply of snacks, and never leave until someone comes in and gently taps me on the shoulder and reports that all the madness is over.

Our politics, the stench from the rot within the larger American culture, has really grossed me out this week. Maybe the year in general has worn me out. I feel like we all need to be hosed down, disinfected of this disease to harm others, to take advantage of others, and to be uninterested in taking care of the least of us. More importantly, hopefully the country can get reacquainted with decency and the truth.

I came out from underneath the covers this weekend to write this post, but from what I can tell, it’s still not safe to come out. For one, a madman remains President and based on comments I see – some people continue to believe in him. People still don’t believe women and people still remain numb to the royal screwing perpetuated upon them by their government.

Looks like this stay underneath the covers might be long indeed.  I am not sure if this is room for all the snacks I might need.




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