In Light Of Current Events…Let’s Return To Bill O’Reilly’s Loofah’s and Falafels.

I have written about 56 posts on the blog – that I have made public. Next month, will make a year for this blog. Feeling nostalgic, I was was reviewing what I have written and actually posted thus far – and stumbled upon this gem. In light of current events, it felt more timely than ever and so I decided to re-post, with a slight update at the end. Here it goes from April 20th of this year…

In what is no longer news, Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News. It was then reported that civility and sanity did a celebratory dance with one another and then released collective sighs of relief.

I had no intention of writing anything about Mr. O’Reilly, that abominable pumped up bag of hot air, who very successfully had a hand in convincing a segment of the American public that others were out to get them, to take stuff that somehow rightfully belonged to them – among other horrors.

The others usually were people of color and all the problems of America could be solved if we somehow were just less politically correct. America would also be better if it were more homogenized and if minorities kept their grievances to themselves as they never had merit anyway.

So I had no intention of discussing him, he has had twenty years worth of attention. But while these allegations are nothing new, I had forgotten about one allegation in particular made by Andrea Mackris. Ms. Mackris recorded some of her phone conversations with Bill, which has now given me the fodder for this post.

Perverted horn dog Bill O’Reilly would call Ms. Mackris to discuss all the filthy things he wanted to do to her – specifically with a loofah (among other things). However, unfortunately for Bill, he apparently gets his loofahs confused with his falafels when he is turned on. He talks about a lot of boob rubbing, gentle crotch grabbing, wine drinking and the magic of this loofah, but the loofah somehow becomes the “falafel thing” as he outlines his desires in his excitement. He was going to do stuff to her with the “falafel thing”

Oy vey.

Really? Really Bill? Bill O’Reilly!

I’m going to go ahead and just call it, this is too absurd for this poor woman to have made this up.

So, yes, while I had no intention of writing about this, I could not pass up the opportunity to have a blog post titled “Loofahs and Falafels.” When will I ever get the chance to title something like this again? I love coming up with titles for posts and admittedly some are better than others, but Loofahs and Falafels, man you just can’t beat that.

Besides the appalling behavior, can we all just take a moment to bask in the absolute ridiculousness of this entire thing? There is a scandal that incorporated loofahs? Falafels? He mistook falafels for loofahs? They have Bill O’Reilly on a recording talking seductively about a falafel? Bill O’Reilly kept his job after that incident. How was this not a larger story when that doozy originally came out, just for the sheer absurdity of it all? Oy vey! You can’t make this stuff up.

So Bill O’Reilly is gone – hooray. I can’t give Fox too much credit as this was simply about money, not principles, decency, or ethics of course, but he is gone and I will take it.

For the record, when a host of women come out and allege sexual harassment, I tend to believe them. When people are recorded showcasing their sexual harassment (Mr. O’Reilly) or propensity for sexual assault (talking to you Mr. President), I tend to believe it. When forty plus women come forward and recount their stories (talking to you Bill Cosby), I believe them.

I guess the more important question now is, how many women does it take for a corporation, or the American public for that matter, to believe women? What does it take?

So that’s what I wrote back in April 2017. And since then, I have learned more than I cared to know about Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Ben Affleck, Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey and the list goes on and on.

But it got me to thinking. Do you know why I believe the women, besides the fact that I have no reason not to and that I don’t believe most people will upend their lives in such a public way just for the fun of it? I believe them because there is always a Loofah and Falafel type story. Something so specific, so detailed that it just defies logic not to believe it’s true. Like, who would make this stuff up.

All of these guys always have a thing. They all have their perverted pick-up line if you will. So for Mr. O’Reilly, he wanted nasty things to be done to him with a loofah which he mistakenly called a falafel (I can’t even handle that, all these months later). Roy Moore likes to stalk little girls in malls, he likes him young. We also have learned he met and fell in love with his wife when she was 15 and he was an adult – so there’s that. Louis C.K. likes to masturbate in front of people. And by know, we all know that Bill Cosby likes his quaaludes and punch and Woody Allen likes his relatives.

So, yes, they all have a thing – a pattern that becomes clear to see when these revelations come out. Yes, I know this wouldn’t hold up in a court of law, but we’re not talking about a court of law. We’re talking about right and wrong, our own sense of right and wrong and values. I believe the women.

Oh and you know why else I believe them? It goes back to a simple adage my Grandmother would always say, two things actually. First thing, what is done in the dark will always come to light. Number two, what doesn’t come out in the wash, always comes out in the rinse. Very simple guiding principles for life, that have always stuck with me. For these men, their dirt is finally coming out and the ugly truth is coming to light.

I believe the women, have believed the women for a long time, and will continue to believe the women.


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