Ivana and Melania Trump Prepare For Battle On The South Lawn

Ivana Trump came roaring back as our modern day Alexis Carrington, here to inform the kids who’s boss and THE Mrs. Donald Trump. For those who are unfamiliar with Dynasty and Alexis played by the divine Joan Collins, spend sometime on Youtube during a rainy weekend. It’s over the top soapy goodness!

But all jokes aside, my the Trump clan is so classy. It’s not enough that Donald has brought his incompetence and blatant corruption to the White House, now his wives are going to duke it out over the china pattern used at the next State Dinner.

How did America get to a place where we pick a President who has been married three times, and the first wife (that would be Ivana) goes on national television to brag about her access to the White House, saying she speaks to the President often, and crowning herself THE first lady. She also said she didn’t want to cause any jealousy or “anything like that” for having a “direct line” to the President. I just love it!

It would be great if this were a soap opera. Ivana is basically the classic bitch from every great soap opera. She’s Alexis in the aforementioned Dynasty, Cookie in Empire, Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless. Coming back to remind the folks who started it all! I could go on with this list. Ivana’s here to let us know she’s not thinking about these hoes. Yes, Melania, you would be the hoe in this equation although Donald cheated on Marla with you and cheated on Ivana with Marla. Damn it, I am getting my hoes out of order! I digress.

When I started blogging again, I told myself I would write once a week as I am editing a story and working on another. And as I’ve already said, writing about efforts to take away people’s healthcare and to deport innocent children really was depressing me. So it is a rare that a Trump story brings a smile to my face, but I loved this one.

Because of global warming it’s too damn hot in my apartment to sip on a big cup of tea like Wendy Williams would but if were ten degrees cooler, as it should be in October, I’d turn on the kettle!

The current Mrs. Trump apparently did not enjoy the former Mrs. Trump’s appearance on Good Morning America yesterday and, so, her office released a statement. It’s a little long winded about her loving being a First Lady and other stuff that no one cares about or believes, so I will just quote the good stuff. “There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-see and self-serving noise. She plans to use her title and her role to help children, not sell books.”

The claws are out! Hysterical. Between Senator Corker over the weekend and Melania’s office yesterday, and we know it’s Melania’s office because we learned during the campaign she doesn’t write her own speeches (ask Michelle Obama), we all need to take classes in Washington D.C. on how to write shady and icy retorts.

How does Ivanka feel about stepmammy dissing her mother like this I wonder? To be a fly on the wall. Ah, who am I kidding, she probably doesn’t care. She knows, as the rest of us do, that she’s his favorite wife that her can never officially have.

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