Morons and Adult Day Care Centers

Rex Tillerson and Senator Bob Corker are my new heroes. Yes, I know that this is an exceedingly low bar for heroes as these two have not actually done anything tangible that will protect the nation and the world from our orange lunatic.

Let’s start by talking about Mr. Tillerson. Mr. Tillerson should have never been appointed to his current position in the first place, let’s not forget that. He was another woefully unprepared person picked to lead a department of extreme importance, which seems to be the thing the Trump Administration does in their continued efforts to handicap the federal government.

Putting that aside, I understand Rex’s concerns. Being woefully unprepared does not make you an idiot. Mr. Tillerson strikes me as someone who at least knows what he doesn’t know, which is more than can be said for the President. So his description of the President seems fine and fair to me. We all have had at least one boss in our lives who we thought was a moron. Actually, slight correction, he supposedly said that Mr. Trump was a f*cking moron which, again, appears accurate.

Here’s the thing though. Why is Rex still there? It certainly is not for the money or the prestige of working at the State Department, as neither Tillerson nor the President seem to believe in diplomacy or to know much about it. But if Trump is such a moron, and in my experience morons cannot help but be anything other than morons, why not leave? Respectfully offer your resignation, pack up your papers and parcels, and leave. Yes, Trump is a moron, but Tillerson looks like a whiny, spineless sap – who is a coward and without principles. He’s shooting off at the mouth, but still shows up for work everyday to take more crap.

And then there is Senator Corker from Tennessee, who might be my favorite person of the week. He wasn’t having any of Trump’s shenanigans over the weekend. As the President attempted to start one of his Twitter feuds, Corker essentially ended it with a delicious verbal smack down. “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.” OUCH. There is a level of messy cattiness to that quote that I just love. I don’t think the Twitter-in-Chief responded to that one. Score One for Corker! But unlike Tillerson who I think should resign, Corker is leaving the Senate, which I think is terrible. Will Tennessee voters do what was done in Alabama and give us someone more conservative and wacky like Roy Moore, the man who believes homosexuality should be illegal and 9/11 was some sort of moral retribution?

Senator Corker is not running for re-election so he has nothing to lose and while I love his retort to the President, it isn’t exactly brave. Is there anyone in Washington willing to speak up while they actually have something on the line? Can anyone speak up AND decide to stay in the fight? When did everyone become so cowardly? After all, we are only talking about the future of our country. If everyone secretly believes the emperor has no clothes, when are they going to do something about it?

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