Blogging Again

I’m Back!

I have returned to blogging with my health care and citizenship intact. Hey, even though I was born in America, I am a black and gay and so one must always be leery of new diabolical schemes developed by Beverly Leslie, I mean Jeff Sessions, and his Justice Department’s quest to take away my rights. If you have not seen Will & Grace and you don’t know who Beverly Leslie is, it is worth your time and energy to look it up folks! Laughs are hard to come by these days.

Moreover, I have a roof over my head. I am not suffering in Puerto Rico without much recourse because we have a President who really is uninterested in helping people of color. So, things have been with me for the last five months. Kanye West was wrong all those years ago when he said President Bush hates black people. Where is that potato sack designing fool now to make political statements when you need him? As an aside, has someone put a stop to that “fashion” line of his? Who would ever wear that stuff? Who would ever vote for Trump? Life’s mysteries. I digress.

My last post was in May and I remember the next post was going to be about Philando Castile. I wrote a draft and I pondered, how on Earth do I make this light, fun, and meaningful? After all, there was nothing humorous about the umpteenth murder of a person of color by the hands of law enforcement – that was caught on tape. I really struggled with what to say. I would write and delete and then start a post on some other indignity and it would go pretty much the same way my Castile post went. I was frustrated and angry.

As the Trump train of catastrophe continued to roll down the tracks, I was beginning to question my original blog concept. Instead of Pop into Politics, maybe I should have called it “Hell Watch” or “Old White Republican Male Politicians Doing Fucked Up Shit Again.” Oh well, hindsight is twenty-twenty and “Pop into Politics” it is. In theory, my idea of writing about politics in a lighthearted way and throwing in some pop culture stuff didn’t seem crazy. However, I don’t think I fully appreciated how bad all of this would get. How exhausting it would be to watch day after day as “our” President basically defecates on the values of this country. How come all these folks upset about flag protests aren’t upset about that? Guess that can be my next post!

Anyway by May 2017, the blog was just not fun to do. I mean how many times were we going to try and take health care away from millions of people (a ton apparently)? How do I write about that and keep it light? And from Muslim Bans, to pulling out of Climate Deals, to the constant slamming of dicks on the table between our President and King Jong-un in a quest to see who has the bigger junk, I just needed a break.

I have not stopped paying attention to the happenings in D.C. (how could I), but I needed to not write about it several times a week. So in between my last blog post and today, I started writing – and finished – a totally frivolous and absurd novel. The process was fun and it made me smile. As there have been no shortages of noteworthy items that would be perfect to discuss on this blog, I intentionally chose to shake my head and keep moving along.

Now I am working on the editing portion of the novel (not nearly as fun) that gives me a moment to return to the blog. For me, writing is an itch that always needs to be scratched in some way.

I am going to re-commit to writing the blog, maybe once a week, if for no other reason than to express my feelings. I also can only write so much fluff. Plus it also serves as a nice little diary of America’s decline into abject moral failing on issues such as immigration, the environment, racial justice, and even humanitarian aid to our own citizens in Puerto Rico (among other things). I mean the President of the United States actually said, “they want everything handed to them” when talking about citizens who are in an absolute crisis! Who are they? I absolutely shudder to think we chose him over Hillary Clinton. Anyway, when we all wake up four years now and wonder, what country is this, maybe my little blog will be a helpful little road map in the stops along our journey to hell.

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