What Will Happen?

I have been an absent blogger! Not writing about the crazy has not stopped the crazy from happening, so I suppose I will just pick up with the latest drama as soon as I get settled.

I rarely delve into my own personal life on this blog, but April has been a bit of a busy month. I started a new job which has been exciting but has caused the need for a little scheduling adjustment and now I am traveling to Egypt for a little vacation. So, I hope to get back to my usual writing routine the second week in May upon my return.

So while I am out of the country, what will I miss? Maybe the American public will regain its collective sense and overthrow the Trump dynasty? And folks, with Ivanka, Jared, and the crazy one in charge – it is a weird undemocratic democracy but I digress. Maybe Sean Spicer will be fired? Hell, maybe Sean Spicer will fire himself and quit for the sake of his soul?

Maybe Sean Spicer will be fired? Hell, maybe Sean Spicer will fire himself and quit for the sake of his soul? One can only hope, but then what will Melissa McCarthy do?

Will Caitlyn Jenner finally retreat and stop talking? Honestly, can we stop making her the face of transgender women? THERE ARE OTHER TRANSGENDERED WOMEN! Now, according to her, she regrets her Trump vote! Sheesh! Just figuring this out Caitlyn? All of that California sun must have long ago fried her brain.

What else could happen? Will former President Obama be blamed for faking the moon landing, as the current administration seems to find reasons and ways to blame him for everything? Sean Spicer actually tried to blame Obama for the Mike Flynn debacle yesterday. According to him, President Obama was supposed to do the vetting! It’s a bird, a plane, anything to deflect. P.S. Sean, the Obama Administration FIRED Mike Flynn – probably should have been Team Trump’s clue that General Flynn was no Girl Scout.

So many intriguing possibilities.

In the meantime, I am off to catch a plane with my “Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Vote for Trump” t-shirt in tow for my international audience. Ok, I don’t really have one of those, but it might not be too late to locate one and slap it on my person!

Thanks for reading.




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