Black Lives Matter…and Pepsi?

What an interesting commercial. Hmm, that’s not how I recall certain events. If only those protestors had a Pepsi in their hands!

Lawwwd Jesus who comes up with these ideas? In the name of Jesus I rebuke all of this foolishness and I am not even religious and these people have me looking up to the sky and asking why.

I suggest, here and now, that someone create a “not a good idea council.” We can select a few trusted and sensible citizens to go around the nation and give gentle taps on the shoulder and a non-approving headshake when people develop hairbrained schemes – like voting for Trump for instance. Tap, tap, shake – no!

Oh and, of course, that same council could be used to tap Kendall Jenner and the folks at Pepsi on their shoulders as well. Hell, we can even add a wagging finger in disapproval too.

The entire advertisement has overtones to a protest movement. Hmm, I wonder which one. However, the ending scene, clearly evokes the moment where a young woman of color confronts the police – which happened during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Pepsi’s reimagining of that moment with Kendall approaching the police and providing a Pepsi has people in a lather. Some of the commentary on Twitter is spot on and hysterical. If only MLK would have held up a Pepsi on the National Mall! Who knew that’s all we needed to do!


Again, who thought this was a good idea? And why the hell is yet another member of that abominable Kardashian-Jenner clan embroiled in a controversy? Ugh.

While I understand the offense taken, I must say I am not surprised. The constant dipping of toes into the lake of stupidity within this country seems to be endless and, so, one should expect the trivialization of important issues such as race, criminal justice, inequality, police brutality, etc. I mean why not!

Personally, I have been more consumed with images coming of Syria last night, and North Korea launching another missile yesterday, our White House embroiled in scandal, and that same White House rolling back protections (quietly) on women in the workforce among other things.

Maybe I am jaded, but I am not surprised that an American corporation would pick a privileged white woman to take part in the whitewashing of a movement for commercial consumption and profit.

In Kendall’s defense, I doubt she even knows what’s going on. I am sure someone just said, hey you can make millions by being in this advertisement and then you can to buy cool dresses, shoes, and limp plumper. That silly little girl doesn’t know any better.

Anyway, can Pepsi keep it simple and go back to the good old days when a vamped up Britney Spears danced around and “sang” like a sexed up purring cat with Bob Dole creepily in the background. Ah, the good old days.

Watch the Kendall clip below:

And for good measure here is Britney:

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