Sean Spicer Has a Tantrum

Aww, poor baby. Does little Seanie need a binky? Is he teething? Did he not have his afternoon nap before coming out to face the music? Is he hungry? Does he have a shitty bum? It would appear that being the White House Press Secretary, especially in this administration, is hard and Seanie doesn’t seem to like it.

Testy, testy, testy Sean!

“The facts are what they are!” Ok, Sean. PUHLEEZE!  We don’t have all the facts, but what we do know does not look so swell, which is why the FBI is investigating these fools! Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids! We know better!

I have said this before, but I almost feel sorry for the man. He has to have the hardest job in Washington right now, which is to publicly come out on television everyday and defend the defenseless, peddling sprinkle covered poo balls on waffle cones and hoping that no one notices the difference from chocolate ice cream.

Unfortunately for Mr. Spicer, while there is clearly a segment of the public that will believe anything that comes out of this White House, the vast majority of the public has a more discerning palate  – and the majority of the American press corps would fall into that camp. No one likes the taste of shit.

April Ryan did not ask any hard questions yesterday. She asked inconvenient questions and, to be sure, this Russia story is most inconvenient but he should be used to this by now. If the sun rises, he should be prepared to answer questions about Russia.

Did he really try and deflect by saying Russian salad dressing? Is he Carol Burnett now? He’s supposed to be funny?

Again, I almost feel sorry for him. At the end of his day, does he sit in his sofa with a beer and cheesecake to eat his feelings? No, he probably needs something stiffer than beer – maybe whiskey. The man mus take a swig of something to come to work everyday and to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic with a smile on his face, although he could work on the smiling part.

It is debatable as to whether or not there is fire with this Russia story, but by God there is a bunch of smoke. The smoke is billowing through all corridors of the White House and out the roof. Most reasonable people would anticipate finding a fire eventually and the press knows this.

Seanie is going to have to get used to April Ryan, and others, asking him the inconvenient questions.

He can huff and puff and pout and belittle reporters, but reasonable people know better. Fortunately for the White House, and unfortunately for him, Republicans have no appetite to truly investigate this matter – yet. They are stalling and keeping independent investigations from occurring. So that buys the White House some time, but that also means poor Seanie is going to have to keep coming out to face another day of pesky reporting and questioning.

Seanie could quit after all and Trump could resign, but that would be too easy.

As my not so politically interested husband said this morning, “cant these people just go away already?”

It is a lovely sentiment, but unfortunately it’s not going to go down like that. Where is the soap opera in that? Where is the history to be made without a fight?

And, Mr. Spicer – if I could make a suggestion. Get some sleep, grab a V8, and get some thicker skin dude, because you’re going to need it working in this White House.

Lastly, and this is most important, stop giving Melissa McCarthy material! You know we’re going to see this skit on Saturday Night Live in the near future.

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