A Little More Grace

I am going to break a few of my own rules today first by posting twice in one day and second by going on a bit of a personal journey. Hopefully, you will indulge me as this will be devoid of my usual snark.

I truly enjoy blogging. I am able to do a little writing and some of you are kind enough to follow and read my political and cultural rants. I try to write these in an engaging and somewhat humorous, albeit extremely sarcastic at times, manner – and hopefully make a point at the same time.

I usually work on multiple posts at once and it might be days before I post one of the drafts. I also sit on a number of ideas until I feel the time is right – revising and waiting until I feel comfortable with the draft, or the right time. Of course, I always find something that I would want to change or express differently or a pesky grammatical error. I don’t know if I love that part of blogging, but it is helping me overcome some of my perfection issues that’s for sure! Once it’s out there in the universe – for better or worse – it’s out there.

Earlier in the week I wrote a post called “Kentucky Fried Stupid,” which I finally posted yesterday. I wrote it and then sat on it for most of the week. There was a hesitancy to post it – it just didn’t feel right. However, after reading more details about this health-care fiasco and being appalled at priorities of the Trump budget being set forth, I posted it in a snit.

I hope the blog is entertaining and topical, with a little comedic snark – maybe a bit sardonic at times, but never flat out mean spirited. Unfortunately, with my “Kentucky Fried Stupid” post I think I crossed the line into mean territory.

Listen, I do believe that a number of Trump voters have been conned and this circus around health-care is incredibly frustrating, but I could have expressed that in another way. I’m also an adult so I can admit when I am wrong or can see multiple points of view, unlike say – the President. See, I believe that was an example of appropriate snark – not mean – but sufficiently snarky for the subject matter.

I am troubled and disheartened by the things I have seen coming out of this administration and I do have a really hard time comprehending how Trump could have any supporters. But, you know, I am not sure if I have taken sufficient time to put myself in the shoes of people who might feel so economically insecure or stagnant in a world of rapid change around them that they can be taken in by a man who provides simplistic solutions and lots of blame for their predicaments. Trump must feel good and comforting for these people.

As I typed that last paragraph, there is a part of my brain that is screaming – no Kolbi don’t let these folks off the hook! Everything you said is true and they are horrible people and yada yada yada. But the truth is, while I doubt I have any Trump supporters reading my blog, if they were reading my blog yesterday that would not have persuaded those folks to my side of the argument.

Maybe as opposed to talking about what parts of the country make me scrunch up my nose, I could have taken more time to talk about the benefits of Obamacare. I could have expressed my sincere belief that whatever the faults of the law, I think most can agree that the goal of insuring people is not a deplorable idea and that some of the vitriol leveled at the former President was unfair. I could have said many things.

I often feel that the main problem of people on the other end of the political spectrum is their inability to put themselves in the shoes of the person  with no health-care, the woman in need of an abortion, the person in need of assistance, etc and then judge those people and support laws that ultimately will screw these people over. But, I must admit, I essentially did the same things with a group of people in my “Kentucky Fried Stupid” rant. Oh, and just because I jokingly said I was going to be biased and generalize, didn’t make it cute.

There are many things politically that send me into a rage these days, but I still want to attempt to be decent and believe in my fellow citizens. I plan to extend a little more grace and a little more understanding in the future – or I am at least going to try. In doing this blogging thing, I don’t have a specific snark limit, but I think I feel it in my bones when I have maybe crossed the line. I’ll pay a little more attention to that in the future.

2 thoughts on “A Little More Grace

  1. Okay, I’ll admit I read and was a bit disappointed by the labeling in the Kentucky Fried Stupid post. I have often admired your ability to bring to light your thoughts and opinions without resorting to blanket insults. Thanks for the follow up and for the demonstrating the wit I’ve come to admire.

    I didn’t vote for 45, and would never, in the most creative or imaginative way, be considered a supporter, but I can, I think, understand being in a position where I was so desperate that I’d be willing to swizzle down any snake oil that was being passed my way. For many–too many, it appears–this may be what happened when they cast their vote in November 2016.


    • Thank you so much for the feedback and reading! I am human and after I posted it I thought – yikes! Not my best look and not exactly what I am trying to convey. I will try to redeem myself while still conveying my dismay about certain policies, etc.


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