Where Is Our Modern Day Julia Sugarbaker?

A very dear friend of mine is a fan of the sitcom Designing Women. Now as far as television programs centered around a group of funny women, I have always been partial to The Golden Girls myself. I am a sucker for middle aged sluts and saucy-mouthed senior citizens. But there is one area where Designing Women trumps The Golden Girls for me, one area where that show practically spoke to my soul, and that is the political rants of Julia Sugarbaker.

God bless Dixie Carter and her ability to give a monologue without stopping for air! I live for the rants of Julia Sugarbaker, which made me stop and think – where is our modern day Julia Sugarbaker? Where are our politicians and leaders filled with so much righteous indignation about what is happening to our government and country that they are raging every chance they get and everywhere they can?

I guess we have Bernie and Elizabeth and Maxine Waters on the Democratic side but is that it? And what about the Republicans? John McCain sometimes seems like he wants to grab a mic and simply shout out bullshit, but then he retreats. But John McCain shouldn’t have to carry that burden alone. Where is everyone else in his party?

Lindsay Graham seems like he wants to try and put on his big boy pants and find his spine, but he can’t do anything without the aforementioned McCain. Senator Sasse from Nebraska seems sane and we’ve heard rumblings from him here and there, but where are the others? Hell, even good ole Dubya has been out telling people he doesn’t like “the racism” coming from the current President, but I am not sure this is enough.

Then we have Paul Ryan and his ilk, so elated to have the opportunity to take health care from the poor, low-income earners, and the sick he is willing to grin and bear the defiling of the Presidency. You can practically see his wheels turning, just move fast enough to get the clementine skinned dope to sign the bill, get him to sign the bill! Get him to sign the goddamn bill – this may be our last chance! A bunch of shameless Scrooge’s.

So as our democracy is in the process of being slung through the gutter and the concept of truth is being discarded like yesterday’s meatloaf, those that are “outraged” seem so…so calm. Others have seemingly made deals with the devil for their own political gain and desires. We make jokes, we shake our heads and go on with our everyday lives. Sometimes the media seems willing to fight, at times they don’t.

I am not saying I am above any of this. To watch Trump and his cronies is to remain in a perpetual state of rage and, so, I suppose all we can do some days is to laugh to keep from crying. But as I think of Julia Sugarbaker, I cannot help but think what would she be saying? I think we all would be better served if we tapped into our inner Julia Sugarbaker’s a little more. Maybe a little perpetual outrage is what this moment calls for in Trump’s America. It would appear that the health and standing of our country depend upon it.

Enjoy some more Julia below:

And this remains timely:


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