I Miss Dubya


Ok, so I don’t really miss George “Dubya” Bush, it’s just that as a nation we have gone tumbling so far down the political rabbit hole that even Dubya’s administration feels like’s a tutorial in the art of masterful governance. I am craving a feeling of normalcy. George W. Bush feels normal. He feels Presidential.

Now in defense of Trump (insert loud GROAN), I wrote this piece before watching his community playhouse act of being Presidential last night. If Trump could keep putting on that sort of show maybe things would only seem half as bad.

I am so deprived of political sanity these days, starved of once basic accepted truths, that when George W. Bush comes on television and reminds Americans that the press is indispensable to democracy, I am overjoyed. When he does an interview in People and denounces racism and the current rhetoric coming from this Administration, I am doing cartwheels. Yes, when George W. Bush makes me clap and jump from my chair, I know the political bar is currently set rather low.

That is not intended to be a knock at the former President. I did not vote for George W. Bush. I did not agree with his politics – especially the Iraq War. To say I did not agree would be an understatement.

However, while I was often dismayed by his choices as President, I was not in constant fear of the damage he would do the Republic. I did not worry that he was so hot headed that an angry tweet of his could set off a new international crisis. He, fortunately, didn’t tweet. More importantly, I was not perpetually appalled by his comments or disgusted by a display of blatant unpresidential behavior. I also believed that the former President was, personally, a decent person. He seemed like a good family man. I think Trump is just as awful a person in his private life as he is leading it. There are no redeeming qualities to me and, unfortunately, he does not appear interested in winning over his detractors.

As we live in these times where political norms are as disposable as a used Kleenex, and the Liar-in-chief shows an aversion to facts as if he were a toddler being forced to eat vegetables, it has been refreshing to see George W. Bush of all people publicly reaffirm beliefs that make our democracy function.

More people need to speak out. More Republicans need to acknowledge that this is not an issue of party, but rather a matter of your drunken uncle, who needs to be put to bed, taking over the levers of power.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the horrible affliction facing Republican leaders whereby there once sturdy vertebrae collapses overnight and their consciences vanish into dust. It is a relief to see that people like President Bush, John McCain, and a few others have been vaccinated and remain healthy.

So, thank you former President Bush for taking a break from his quest to be the next Picasso and reminding Americans what the President of the United States should say when it comes to issues surrounding the 1st Amendment and the diversity within this nation.

At present, this country and it’s citizens need all the reminders we can receive from people not labeled whiny “snowflakes.” Although, facts and the alternatives to them are funny things these days. Tomorrow, a Trumpster might say Dubya was as liberal as Obama to explain his comments away.

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