Drinking Bong Water With President Trump

Let me start with the positive from tonight’s Presidential Address to Congress. At the start of the speech, that was the most Presidential I have ever seen the President. He clearly practiced, read about, and watched the behavior of the previous Presidents. Give Donald a treat and a pat on the head!

I would appreciate his acknowledgment, even if it rang hollow, of Black History Month and the offensive anti-Semitic attacks sweeping across the country. It is unfortunate he did not acknowledge his role in any of that because of his words and deeds.

Now for the rest of it. Just because you say, it doesn’t make it so. A lie is a lie. An exaggeration is an exaggeration. One must willfully suspend disbelief and guzzle leftover bong water to believe the mess this man spouts. I suspect he is throwing back the bong water as well, it would explain a lot.

I will give him this. Everything he says sounds great and seems so simple. I will just end this post with this. The President of the United States said, “everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. Every problem can be solved, and every hurting family can find healing and hope.” Again, sounds great, but someone needs to tell the great exaggerator and adjective lover that this is a tall order. Dare I say, it almost sounds socialist! Our society has winners and losers, last time I checked.

My glass of bong water is finished, and I have learned that we will have significant tax cuts for corporations and the middle class, one of the largest spending increases for the military (according to him), paid family sick leave (Paul Ryan looked shocked by that announcement), drug epidemics will stop, immigration reform, we will unify, men and women of law enforcement need support (no discussion of any necessary improvement in behavior of law enforcement) and much, much more. When I don’t think too hard, it all sounds amazing.

Once the bong water wears off, I will have to get my calculator handy to tally up all those spending proposals. I will also need to dig through the weeds and piles of bullshit to get to the truth. Words are one thing, but policy and arithmetic will tell the real story.

But you know what, I bet America loved it!




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