Caitlyn Jenner – Gurl, Bye!

A bit of buyer’s remorse was flying through the air in the mythical and strange land that is Republicanville this past week. The White House rescinded an Obama era order allowing transgender youth to use restroom facilities corresponding to their gender identity. Liberals and progressives, not surprisingly, were not pleased but there was some displeasure on the right as well.

Jackie Evancho, who sang at the Inauguration and apparently has a sister who is transgendered, wanted to talk with Trump and Caitlyn Jenner, as stated in a Tweet, thought the entire thing was a disaster and wanted Trump to call her.

I don’t know enough about Jackie to have an opinion, but let’s discuss Caitlyn.  Because of her notoriety, she has become an advocate for transgender rights and issues. While she may be a transgendered female, something tells me that Ms. Jenner, with her wealth and fame living in Calabasas, has not faced the same struggles as your average transgendered youth. It is this privilege that seemingly would allow her to vote for someone like Trump in the first place.

Listen, Caitlyn, Trump doesn’t need to call you. He doesn’t care that you thnk this policy is a disaster. Trump is doing what anyone who has been paying attention would expect him to do. You can tweet for him to call you all you want, but the damage has been done.

Labels matter. When you go to the grocery store, and you read the nutrition facts on the back of the bag of potato chips you know what you’re getting. There’s going to be fat and a whole bunch of salt. Conversely, the Republican Party has a label when it comes to LGBTQ issues – it’s in bold print and reads: GENERALLY NOT SUPPORTIVE.

So what has Caitlyn been doing? She hasn’t seen the label and the fine print of the policy and platform of the Republican Party? What did she think they were going to do? I imagine Caitlyn has remained a Republican presumably for her own financial interests and that crap about smaller government, although that ridiculous concept for another blog post and another day.

It is Caitlyn’s right to be part of any party she chooses, but she can’t clutch her pearls and hold her chest for dramatic effect when the outcome society receives because of long desired Republican policy becomes a reality. Lady, read the damn label!

As my Grandmother would say, you get what you pay for or in this case, what you voted for. I am not mad at Trump for this, I am angry at the Caitlyns of the world. People like Caitlyn vote against their own self-interest and then later whine and complain as they are clenching their buttocks together trying to avoid the unceremonious screwing they now must endure. Read the labels! Potato chips have fat – don’t be shocked. Republicans, as a whole, are not for gay rights let alone transgender rights. Don’t be shocked!

Did Caitlyn Jenner really think Donald Trump and his cabinet would advocate for transgender youth? As Trump promised to destroy the Obama legacy, did she not believe that they’d go after that too? Has she not been paying attention to the rhetoric and policy positions of the Republican Party for the last decade or more?

Caitlyn should have been smarter. Having just received her first set of boobs for the first time in her sixth decade on this planet, I would have expected her to be better versed in these matters – especially if she is going to keep running her mouth and proclaim to want to be an advocate. Nothing about that should have screamed, let me give Trump my vote.

I want Caitlyn to go back to Calabasas, keep her lovely manicured hands from tweeting, and to keep her mouth shut until 2020 when she is able to attempt to rectify her voting error.

Trump is being Trump. What the hell is her excuse?


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