A Letter to Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

I want to thank you for retaining your spine, as spines are seemingly in short supply these days, especially in your party. They have either been lost or have withered away altogether. It is disconcerting to watch as members of your party, so gleeful to be in power, appear willing to concede the basic tenets of American democracy just to keep an unfit President because he is Republican.

But this is where you come in.

While in Germany when you remarked that Trump’s administration was quote, “in disarray,” I wanted to stand up and cheer. A Republican who still has their eyesight and hearing! Now after I cheered, I must admit, disarray is an understatement in my opinion – but I’ll take it. Baby steps with these things, I get it. You even continued your criticism over the weekend reminding folks that the types of attacks Trump was unleashing on the press was how “dictators get started.” Yes, keep up the criticism sir.

I have not always agreed with your politics. What was that ridiculous business of potentially placing Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency? Time has passed, I can forgive you for that now, we all mistakes. Your criticism of President Obama over the years has felt anything but fair, but maybe that is to be expected given the competitive nature of your relationship. And, of course, there have been many moments where I have felt your foreign policy was too bombastic and confrontational for my tastes.

But despite all of that, I have respected your continued outspokenness, your knowledge of policy, your obvious love for this nation and, of course, your service. And now in these times of having elected a petulant child to the Presidency, we need you and your voice more than ever.

So thank you for stating that his Administration is currently in “disarray,” because by any definition it is. As certain members of your party seem willing to totally get on board with a universe full of “alternative facts,” it was refreshing to hear you state the obvious.

Thank you for also taking the time to talk about your constitutional duties and our system having three equal branches of government. I have concerns that your party, so in lust with the power they have recently acquired, are willing to overlook constitutional violations, erosion of democratic customs and norms, and to call out the President when he behaves more like a dictator as opposed to a man elected by a rather thin margin (despite his proclamations to the contrary).

In conclusion, Senator McCain please keep your spine. Hold on to it, keep it under lock and key. A spine is valuable and hard to come by in 2017. Please speak out more and more forcefully as arising situations will surely warrant. History will look back at you fondly and the Nation will thank you, for these are special times.

Hold your little pocket carry-on friend Senator Graham close as well, as your backbone seems to be rubbing off on him too, but only when you’re near. The more outspoken people we have the better. Share your vertebrae with others in your party who are seemingly less fortunate in that area than you.

The country is counting on you.


A Concerned Citizen

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