From Russia With Love – Part Two

I am so excited, I finally have reason to write a “Part Two” blog post! I’ve been itching to do one, and I have finally been given my chance.

Russia! Trump and his gang’s knotty and ever tangled ties with Russia have given me license to do my first “Part Two.” This will also be the 25th post on the blog! I told myself I would write more in 2017 and so far so good. Ugh, I kind of owe thanks to the Great Clementine for this.

Moving along…Russia, Russia, Russia! Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Trump has his own beautiful version of the blonde from The Brady Bunch, except his Marsha is bald and rides horses shirtless. Do we think he is regretting this Russia thing yet?

Everything these days seems to be about Russia and all the unusual and suspicious connections Trump and his team seem to have with the country and its repressive leader.

In my previous “From Russia” post, I discussed how pleased Putin must be with all his efforts. Russia was winning like Charlie Sheen – the hacking, the election, Syria, etc. But as more information drips out about Trump and his team, maybe he’s starting to feel like the Atlanta Falcons at this year’s Super Bowl – started out strong only to lose big. Excuse me, bigly. Let me keep up with times. The American people are probably not supposed to know of all of these messy ties after all.

In more exciting developments, the press is waking from their slumber, and they are salivating as they report on all these Russia stories like dogs devouring freshly cooked bacon dropped on a kitchen floor. They are licking their chops and sniffing around for more bacon. Let’s see what else they find.

Trump’s rise began with Russia and looking into my Magic 8-Ball, it looks like it could end with Russia too.

We have learned that Michael Flynn did discuss the sanctions President Obama had just unveiled with the Russian Ambassador before President Trump took office. Of course, he discussed sanctions with the Ambassador! I wonder what was said. Oh, wait. Apparently, there are transcripts out there. The damn fool was recorded by American intelligence. I won’t have to wonder for long.

When does that come out? Did Trump know? Oh, why yes he did – he was aware of this for almost 20 days and remained silent.

We’ve also learned today that Trump aides talked with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign. How unusual. Hmm, now why on Earth would those discussions be taking place? Maybe they wanted vodka recommendations?

Something tells me I will be writing a From Russia With Love – Part Three at some point.

President Trump also knew Flynn was being investigated by FBI and others and still picked him to lead the National Security Council. Absolutely jaw dropping stuff.

Moreover, the United States now has no head of the NSC. Does anyone care? Did everyone register that? I feel like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act when the nun at the piano doesn’t hear her name called when it’s time to start playing the piano. Whoopi stomps her foot and says, “Alma check your battery!” Alma smiles and gets with the program. When is America going to get it together and check our battery or whatever we need to do to stop this foolishness?  When is the public, Democrat, and Republican alike, going to stop and demand that our government cease to be run like an episode of Romper Room?  Where are the serious adults? When are we going to get it together?

Russia is going to be a problem for Trump. Maybe not tomorrow, not six months from now, or even next year but this will be a continuing problem and the truth will come out. The slow and steady drip of information detailing the unusual, to say the least, and potentially illegal dealings with Russia will damage President Trump. This could be his Iran-Contra, his Lewinsky scandal, Watergate, or even worse than all three of those scandals.

Time will tell.

Lastly, to see the treatment that America needs, click below.


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