Leslie Knope for President

I have been late to the party in understanding the current sentiment of a sizeable chunk of the American electorate. The aversion to the establishment, facts, and being told what to do. The electorate is like a rebellious child. Being told no or what cannot be done, no matter how unreasonable or detrimental, is the worst thing ever.

But as we firmly cement ourselves into Trump’s America, I have gained an understanding. All the things I thought were important aren’t, or at least to enough people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We have proudly entered the age of the glorification of the unthinkable and the absurd. The more an action seems to defy what has been normal, the better.

Which brings me to my new love of Parks and Recreation. I was late to this party as well, my husband having sung the praises of this show for years while it was actually airing. But now that I have begun binge watching, I have totally fallen in love.

It is such a quirky and funny show. I just adore Leslie Knope and her eternal optimism and belief in government, which got me to thinking? Why can’t Leslie Knope be President? Don’t roll your eyes, I am as serious as Trump supporters who claim he is more moral than President Obama.

A thrice-married repeatedly bankrupt reality t.v. star, with zero government experience, is now the most powerful man in the world with access to the nuclear codes. This has motivated me to jump on the bandwagon of supporting the seemingly impossible. I am starting a petition. Leslie Knope in 2020! Hey, at least my candidate has been in government before – even if it was just a studio set.

Ok, you’re still rolling your eyes. Listen, I am not good at math, but this is all just as probable if not more so than Trump promising all those poor, unemployed downtrodden coal mine workers that he was bringing their jobs back. He squawked about it all campaign long and people fell for it, and other things. Why can’t people fall for Leslie Knope?

So I am starting a petition. Now, presumably, Amy Poehler will need to be willing to run as Leslie Knope and remain in character at all times. Who can convince her? Tina Fey maybe? Picture Leslie Knope on the phone with Putin or crushing on Canada’s Justin Trudeau? Imagine the great television!

You can’t tell me that this would be too far? The American electorate has just proven in this last election we can and will do anything. Nothing seems to be a bridge too far. No experience, no problem. A sexist pig, no problem. A racist, no problem. A pussy grabber, no problem. So why can’t we vote for an actress to remain in character as our President for four to eight years? We will have the added intrigue of never truly knowing what are Amy’s thoughts as Amy and Amy’s thoughts while thinking about what Leslie the character would do.

And we like shiny and new – so nothing would be more new and cutting edge than having an actress, playing a role, as our first female President. Sorry Hillary, it just wasn’t meant to be for you. God knows I love you, but those e-mails made you the worst thing since Lady Macbeth, so I have to move on to Plan B. For what it’s worth, before Kate McKinnon gave the world her best Mrs. Clinton, Amy Poehler did an awesome Hillary back in 2008 on Saturday Night Live – so in a weird way, Amy will bring Hillary with her in spirit. See, this all works!

But think about it, Amy Poehler has no government experience. Apparently, the less experience the better. Americans now like their Presidents inexperienced and ill prepared. It’s en vogue. Being President may be the hardest job on Earth, why would anyone need to be experienced?

But for those few people who care about experience, Leslie has experience. All of Leslie’s years at the Pawnee Parks Department, which is more government experience than the current President! A loyal civil servant always interested in doing the right thing. And to make it even more fun, Leslie should bring along the Parks and Recreation cast to fill her main cabinet posts. Hey, if we think Rex Tillerson will be tough as Secretary of State, that man will have nothing on Ron Swanson. What about slimy Tom Haverford as Treasury Secretary?

Lastly, what if with the transition of power from a Trump Presidency to a Knope Presidency, the mockumentary film style comes to the White House! How awesome would it be if we had that now? You know there are some wild conversations taking place in the Oval Office that we’re missing.

No, Mr. President, you can’t hang up on Angela Merkel even if you think she’s unattractive and a bitch. No, Mr. President, you can’t just build a wall, we have this thing called Congress and they give you funding. No, Mr. President, it is not a good thing if we have a new nuclear arms race.

Imagine being able to watch Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer chasing Trump around the Oval trying to snatch his phone so he can’t tweet. We are living through a Presidency via twitter, why not through a mockumentary in 2020?

A potential Knope Presidency brought to you by Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope has tons to offer the country. Entertainment is more important than policy we learned long ago and who better to entertain than a comedic actress of Ms. Poehler’s talents? I think I have proved my case and solved the problem for the Democrats. Now, all we have to decide is who we can get to run with her for Vice-President?





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