The King is Denied

Henry VIII needed papal approval for his desired annulment from his first wife Catherine of Aragon as he was stepping out on her with a younger woman who he hoped could give him a male heir. When the request was denied by the Pope, Henry VIII claimed supremacy over religious matters and ultimately created the Church of England.

He also banished and had some folks killed, but he ultimately was able to marry again – despite what the Pope said. Although he never received the male heir from his second wife Anne Boleyn, the world received Elizabeth I. Karma is a real you know what!

Here’s to hoping our own King, King Trump, gets a dose of karma.

King Trump desperately wants a Muslim ban even if it has no basis in fact and the ban is not being reinstated. The 9th Circuit, as did previous judges, have told the King that he has overreached.

King Trump is receiving his first repeated dose of being denied.

Our King, as expected, took to Twitter to decry the decision and defiantly inform his subjects that this is about national security and this issue will go back to the courts. The petulant child does not like being told no.

Sigh. If you say so Donald. If you say so. I also look like the Rock, have millions in the bank, and thus don’t have to work tomorrow and can write all day to my heart’s content. See, I paid attention during my alternative facts lesson from that wicked Ms. Conway. A pile of poo is a stinking pile of poo and the ban reeks. When is the King going to accept this?

Our King, like Henry VIII, is never told no, just ask any of the woman involved in Pussygate. He always gets what he wants. But he has been denied. What will he do? If Henry could create his own Church, maybe our King will create his own judicial system. Stranger things have happened.

The Trump Presidency (I abhor calling it that) is going to be the ultimate test of the checks and balances built into our system and a test of the attention spans of the American people, who have historically shown the focus of a fly at a county fair.

But Trump is not the first President, and will not be the last, who has overreached. Andrew Jackson was denied his wish to remove Native Americans from lands that were not ours by the Supreme Court. Andrew Jackson ignored the Court and moved them anyway.

He also will not be the first, or the last, to push or quietly allow heinous laws and policies to be implemented. FDR signed an Executive Order allowing Japanese internment camps during World War II because of “national security” concerns. The great and beloved FDR who gave us Social Security and rallied the nation through the Depression allowed that.

The American people didn’t seem too outraged by that internment issue back then, which is the funny thing about racism and bigotry. It always rears its ugly head time and again against various groups and at different times through history. There is always a group willing to justify it. There is always an audience for it and always someone willing to exploit that fact.

The American people let that happen, and I fear they will allow more despicable policies and laws to be put in place this time around too.

So, Trump does not have a lock on despicable American behavior coming out of the Executive Branch of our government. However, he is the first who is so openly disdainful, almost on a daily basis, to the designed checks within the system on his power – whether that be the judiciary or protected free speech that allows media to ask critical questions of him.

It is great news that the 9th Circuit ruled in a way that makes sense to most reasonable people in this country. Now, what happens next? He still plans to fight. What are we, the other side, going to do? I no longer take comfort in believing that the majority of the American people will do the right thing or want to see the right thing done.

I believe that what Trump and his friends really wanted to do was ban all Muslims from all Muslim-majority countries. Anyone can look up with Steve Bannon thinks about Muslims and it’s not pretty.

However, a complete ban would be too easy to pull apart legally, so we have received this watered down version of this bigoted ban that’s just coincidentally all Muslim countries. Politically he looks like he is keeping a campaign promise and we get to inject a little bigotry which helps his base get their jollies.

The King was denied today and a small victory was won, but the fight isn’t over. We have a President willing to stretch his Executive Power to achieve abhorrent policy goals and a man who, as an individual, is repugnant. It’s a dangerous combination and one that I don’t believe we are all completely prepared to handle.


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