Betsy Grizzly Devos

Betsy Grizzly Devos was confirmed by the Senate as the next Secretary of Education in a shameful display of cronyism. Republicans beholden to long-time donors, the Devos family, voted an eminently unqualified nominee. Constituents and conscience be damned, there are campaign coffers to be filled!  This isn’t exactly unusual, but except two Republicans, the entire party fell in line.

I assumed that because grizzly bears, among other troubling answers, were referenced in response to a serious issue like guns in schools, Senators would take their scrotums out of their desk drawers, dust them off, reattach them – if for only a day, and do the right thing.

Alas, I also thought the country would get over Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, if it was an issue for them, and hold their nose and vote for her because she was the qualified and rational choice. Wrong again!

Democrats, like the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday, put up a good fight but were unable to stop the inevitable.

Jeff Sessions is up next for confirmation as Attorney General and the futile all night slumber party that the Democrats pulled with Mrs. Devos is being planned again with Sessions. As with Devos, it is unlikely to yield the desired result. These Republicans truly are like The New England Patriots, almost universally hated and derided it seems, but successful and seemingly unstoppable.

In keeping with my sports analogy, to be a Democrat these days is like being a Chicago Bears or a Cleveland Browns. To be a Democrat these days is to be a loser, accept we are not dealing with touchdowns and field goals, but laws and policies that will really affect people’s lives. It’s rather unfortunate. The Democrats need a new head coach and fast.

It would have been nice to have a few more Republicans defect and not support her nomination as she was so bad, so unusually awful.

Ms. Betsy, that’s what I am going to call her, because the poor thing, bless her heart, was so ill-prepared during her confirmation hearing. Those Democratic Senators were like starving animals salivating over a piece of meat and taking generous chunks out of her until there was nothing left.

Ms. Betsy looked doe-eyed and confused, like a little girl being told by her parents she was off to the ice cream shop, only to end up at the dentist. It was as if she were senile and the fact that she had a confirmation hearing that day was the first she heard of the ordeal. Who? What? Capitol Hill? The entire thing was unfortunate.  But more likely than not, because she’s so obscenely rich and probably doesn’t wipe her own derriere, she assumed her wealth would preclude her from questioning – that her wealth alone was the only necessary requirement.

The entire thing was unfortunate.  But more likely than not, because she’s so obscenely rich and probably doesn’t wipe her own posterior, she assumed her wealth would preclude her from questioning – that her wealth alone was the only necessary requirement. Between the pearly whites she flashed and those Benjamins her family had dispensed previously, she probably assumed that was all that was necessary.

I am not rich, which is a shame because I would take part in all sorts of hobbies – like skiing and yachting or whatever else rich people do. I’d garden and cook like the Barefoot Contessa and send my Jeffrey to the market (in my case Andrew). I would not, however, choose the dismantling of the public education system of the United States as my hobby of choice. Come on Betsy, are you sure you don’t have a spa retreat you’d rather attend? Go be a lady who lunches as God intended.

I don’t want to be on the losing team, but I am.  Devos, Sessions, Tillerson, et al. – they are all in. And, for the record, Democrats have been losing the battle of ideas and policy for a bit now. Hillary Clinton is the easy scapegoat, but when you look at the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections and the loss of Governorships across the country, the problem is not and was not simply Hillary Clinton.

Elections have consequences and the Trump White House is proving how accurate and telling the adage is daily.


One thought on “Betsy Grizzly Devos

  1. Can I get a “woohoo” for Elizabeth Warren?? I realize what she did was against the rules but I mean desperate times – right? Republicans (minus Murkowski and Collins – have to give them a a shout out) will say there’s no proof Sessions suppressed votes but the irony of them coming down on her for calling him out is not lost on the fact that their President has been flinging around unsubstantiated claims against everyone who disagrees with him.


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