Saturday Night Live – The Opposition Party

With the close of another week, the American people and the world were witnesses to more absurdity and stupidity coming out of Washington. They also received their comedic medicine during these scary times, another episode of Saturday Night Live that displays the folly of electing a reality-t.v. billionaire to be the leader of the United States. Hopefully, it serves a big flashing warning for America for 2020 – don’t do this s*it again!

is speaking for America, or maybe liberal America, or the America that does not believe in “alternative facts” and Bowling Green massacres.  I am not sure, but they are on a roll.

Maybe it’s speaking to the  America that gave Hillary Clinton an overwhelming popular vote win, or maybe it’s just talking to California, or black and brown people, Millenials, or all remaining sane white people.

I am not sure exactly who it is speaking to, but I have to believe millions of people out are horrified and concerned, right? Millions of us cannot understand what has happened to our government and how it has been hijacked by radicals, seemingly intent on its destruction from within. There will be enough people to ensure something like this does not happen again in 2020, right? Here’s to hoping…

At times it feels like SNL is doing a better job than our media at calling a duck a duck, or as is more often the case with this administration – a lie a lie.

SNL has been serving as the conscious of America, through comedy, skewering and lampooning the travesty that is President Trump and his attack on our values and institutions. It is sad, and spectacular all at once that the leader of the free world is bothered by the withering critique of a sketch-comedy program.

The cast of SNL has served as more of an opposition party to Trump than the Democratic Party, finding a clear voice and showing they have some big cojones. Week after week they have been calling bullshit, through comedy, on the President and his cronies. The Democrats need to take some notes and maybe ask to borrow those cojones as well.

If you have not seen this week’s episode, I don’t want to give it away, but Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is over the top wonderfulness. Melissa was a total clown, but of course so is the Press Secretary, which is kind of the point and it worked marvelously. Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Weekend Update – all the usual stuff – was excellent as well.

Back to Melissa, where do I submit a petition to make her a full-time cast member, or at least make sure she returns at least once a month to be Sean Spicer? The gloriousness of her impersonation cannot be overstated.

Yes, as I sat in my liberal bubble of education and “real facts” here in Manhattan,  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, which means the President surely did not. I am waiting for this week’s angry tweet about the joke that is SNL, but as all sane Americans know the joke, at least on Saturdays, will always be on this President. Maybe Kellyanne has the phone under lock and key.

Great work SNL – keep it up.

You can watch a brief clip here:




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