From Russia With Love

To be a fly on the wall inside the Kremlin. In my wild imagination, I envision Mr. Putin watching American news broadcasts, taking a gleeful shot of vodka in celebration of his mockery of our Democratic system, and then releasing an evil cackle like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget or Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. I did mention I had an active imagination.

But seriously, we are living out a James Bond movie. A Scandal or House of Cards episode. All of this hubbub over intelligence, spies, and secret alliances. We are living in very interesting times.

Here’s the thing though, on January 20th President-elect is going to stand before the American people, take the Oath of Office, and swear that he will ” to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Members of Congress pledge an oath that, “they will defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.” Will Congress simply remain asleep at the switch during the Trump years? There should be some red flags starting to rise here. At the Senate has finally decided to investigate Russian hacking and interference into the election. Let’s see if it yields any news.

The President-elect appears to be compromised by a foreign government. We don’t know why or how severely compromised, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s a damn slippery duck.

The President-elect is a loud mouth. He has attacked everyone and told us his opinion on everything. China cheats. Mexico has rapists. Muslims are terrorists. Megyn Kelly has blood coming from her you know what. Meryl Streep sucks as an actress. Civil rights icon John Lewis should fix his district and stop criticizing him. Why can’t other countries have more nukes? NATO countries have to pay their fair share. Rosie O’Donnell is a disgusting fat lesbian. I paraphrase slightly, but the President-elect often tweets and rambles about everything in an angry seemingly unstoppable stream of consciousness. I don’t have enough time, energy, or blogging space to list everything.

But when it comes to one country and one leader, however, he remains oddly silent. When pressed about Vladimir Putin, the only thing we can seem to get out of the President-elect is that it would be nice if we could get along with the communist murderous Mr. Putin and Russia. That’s like saying it would have been nice to get a long with Saddam Hussein or Stalin. We don’t get along with him for a reason – he is the total and complete antithesis to American and democratic values. The President-elect also likes that Mr. Putin looks good shirtless and glistened up on a horse. Ok, the President-elect has not said that, but he might as well have. It’s like he has a boner for an anti-democractic and morally bankrupt leader. Why?

The President-elect is willing to throw NATO on the trash heap of history (a Russian objective). Why? He won’t show us his tax returns even though we know there has been some business dealings with Russia Why? Why so many cabinet appointments with associations to Russia?

And Mr. Putin deserves a round of applause. Look what he has accomplished. Unconstrained by term limits or decency, he has out maneuvered President Obama on Syria and the hacking scandal. He assisted in taking down his apparent foe Hillary Clinton. And now after our 2016 election, he has the satisfaction of watching why we willfully choose not to defend our democratic institutions and move full steam ahead with the election of an uneducated narcissist who clearly supports Russia (for reasons not completely known) more than our own. In the words of Charlie Sheen, Mr. Putin is winning!

The Capitol rotunda might as well be replaced by Kremlin  domes. The Evil Empire defined by the former conservative hero Ronald Reagan is now according to Donald Trump – lead by a “really smart leader.” It would be “nice” if we could get along. The hell with our Western European allies being genuinely wary of the potentially expanding Russian bear (Ukraine anyone?). 50 plus years of American foreign policy be damned. Nope, according to our President-elect the Russian leader is really smart and is strong.

So instead of playing “Hail to the Chief,” let’s replace it with the theme song From Russia with Love by Matt Moro, it seems more apt and appropriate these days.



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