The Marvelous Meryl Streep


Is there an Academy Award for telling the truth and shaming the devil? If so, Ms. Streep would receive the Oscar hands down! Yes, I am one of the millions of people who adores the “overrated” Meryl Streep, as was opined via Twitter by our oh so presidential President-elect.

Ms. Streep epitomizes class, and the mastery of her craft is incredible. That Ms. Streep has the chameleon-like ability to shift from character to character without ever making you think of a prior performance or character is remarkable, especially considering how long she has been in the game.

At the Golden Globes on Sunday, she decimated the governing life philosophy of the President-elect without uttering his name by simply using his words and behavior against him. And that’s the funny thing about Trump since his political rise. If he were anyone else – anyone else – he’d be slapped or put in timeout for his petulance and poor behavior.

We teach our children not to bully and demean, not to mock the disabled, to pay your debts, and to not boast for example. We teach our children to be decent, and we hope that when they grow up, they are not wretched plagues upon society. Most Americans know that Trump fails that test of decency, even if they clipped their noses with a clothespin and voted for him.

I know many probably rolled their eyes so far back in their head they were no longer retrievable as Ms. Streep spoke on Sunday – just another Hollywood liberal on her soapbox. But every word she said was true and more than being political it was a speech about decency and respect. We are a society that should be appalled when a person seeking the highest office in the nation mocks the disabled and even hints at banning people based on their religion.

Not surprisingly, the President-elect who seems to possess the sensitivity of a grade schooler not picked for the Dodgeball team, took to Twitter to whine. He chalked up Ms. Streep’s speech to that of an overrated actress. Of course, he could not defend himself from the actual content of the speech as he would need a ream of paper, which 140 character limit simply does not provide.

So bravo to Ms. Streep for being a spectacular actress deserving of every award received, but more importantly being a citizen. This country needs people who are awake and watching the political monsters underneath our beds. We need citizens. I am sure she lost some fans on Sunday who loved her up until that speech but so be it. It may be time for the rest of us to stand up in our lives and lose some “fans” and some “friends.” There is too much at stake to do anything less.




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