Can Trump Pass the Class?

Let us take a moment to think of the presidency as a class with a lengthy syllabus. The President-elect, unfortunately, has been a piss poor student failing to take notes, ask proper questions, or to keep quiet when smarter people are talking.

Thus far, the President-elect has failed his assignments on statesmanship, the U.S. Constitution, the role of the media, and not pissing off China among other topics. We also can add U.S. Intelligence Agencies to this list of failed assignments. The final of this course is on January 20th – will he be prepared to pass the test and class and be sworn in – with some level of preparation for the office? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of The Pussy Grabbing Reality TV Star President. Wait, I may be ahead of myself and the country. Is it too soon to publicly acknowledge that the Executive Branch is only a few degrading steps away from being a tawdry reality show?  He has enough exes and kids and feuds with plenty of people after all. Maybe in 2018, we can acknowledge that a vote for him was also a vote to degrade the presidency. I have digressed, let’s get back to class.

The President-elect is the kid in class who hates Algebra and thinks it’s dumb, nonimportant, and refuses to do his homework because he is unable to comprehend the subject. His inadequateness somehow morphs into an indictment on the subject, in this case, the intelligence agencies because the lesson being taught is that Russia wanted Trump to be elected and attempted to aid in that cause. To be clear, no one is saying Trump won because of Russian hacking.

To ensure success in the endeavor of a Hillary Clinton defeat, I personally like to thank w thank the FBI, the media, third party voters and some of Clinton’s own missteps for that. But the fact remains the hacking happened, and it should alarm every citizen. The man-child does not like that.

Yes, we have elected a child, but not just any chid – he’s Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son. He’s manipulative and treacherous, and it’s all fun and games until he’s trying to push you off a cliff. I am afraid the “person” going off the cliff will be this country and our values. And, to be clear, I am sure our country will be here (well, there is the issue of those pesky nukes – and the President-elect seemed to fail that lesson too). We will survive the Age of Trump. I am just not sure how America will look, how much damage there will be to the institutions that make our democracy healthy when this experiment into populist folly is complete.

When I started this blog, my  intention was not to make this an anti-Trump blog, as that’s no fun and I didn’t plan to write about him all the time. Plus, I assumed at some point he would have to show some interest in acting like a President. I was as wrong about that as I was the inevitability of Hillary Clinton being elected. He makes it so damn hard for me not to write about him. The extraordinary level of absurdity can’t be passed up for comment.

As another day comes to a close and we weather more Trump insanity, I hope that the Vampiress and Stealer of Souls Kellyanne Conway is in her lair plotting a way to educate the great petulant one on the importance of intelligence and briefings. After all, after Pussygate she was supposedly responsible for reigning him in during the last week of the election. He stayed on message and stopped talking about Mexicans and Muslims. Maybe she can get him to stop cracking on American intelligence too.

She must tell him by so publicly refuting the findings of our intelligence agencies, all 17 of them, he’s siding with Russia. And while I understand  Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house – it is not another state or friendly territory – it’s a foreign government! A foreign government that may be amenable to business with the President-elect and his associates, but not agreeable to the policy objectives of the government that he was elected to lead. There are American values to uphold. The Capitol and The White House are not in Moscow. Can we purchase him a map too Kellyanne? Damn it  Kellyanne do your job and force him to stop tweeting and to get to his studies! I know the Vampiress has the power to get this done!

Kellyanne must explain that a President relies on intelligence, that Americans are putting their lives on the line for this information, that he must weigh it, must discern its importance, and keep some opinions and beliefs to himself. The President-elect has to learn this lesson now. We, as a country, don’t have time to send our future President to summer school. The evidence suggests he cannot pass the class and with no summer school, it looks like we’re screwed.

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