The School of Donald and Mariah

The world has now had a full day to process and recover from the steaming pile of excrement that Mariah Carey wrapped up in glitter, sequins, and smiles – hurl it at our television screens – and attempt to sell it as a performance.

The venerable diva would have no shortage of self-esteem it seems, even if she left her vocal chords at home, which considering her profession should be a big no-no.

The amount of ego one most possesses to basically say, my earpiece didn’t work so I am going to prance about in my shiny onesie, with a plastered on smile, and make the audience sing is a sight to behold. Does your voice not work either? It appears she didn’t even try to salvage her performance under the pretext that she is so great and we all know she is great, so all I need to do is saunter about and look cute in front of millions of people. It must be great to know you’re great.

Gurl, bye.

The diva routine she cultivated somewhere around the year 2000 became stale long ago, and whatever crown she thinks is on her head indeed shattered and crashed to the ground on New Year’s Eve 2016. If you are a singer, who can’t sing then what are you exactly? The thing is, though, I don’t think she knows that or sees it that way and why should she – she’s worth millions, has tons of fans, and surely will book some other gig.

And then there is our President-elect. He suffers from the same affliction. Uncontrollable ego and narcissism. He doesn’t seem to know and fully grasp either that he lost the Popular Vote by 2 million plus votes and is only President-elect because of a total of about 100,000 votes in three states – which is basically a small city. That’s not a sign of greatness on his part, it’s a sign the Clinton campaign screwed up.

If I say I am great, even if it isn’t so, it must be true! What a sickness to have. How nice it must be for Donald and Mariah to be reigning Kings and Queens of mediocrity and not lose anything for it. Let the average American put on their “best Donald or Mariah” at their place of business and see how long it would be before they were, as Donald liked to say, “fired!”

People want to be entertained, and even if Mariah bombed, her mess was entertaining – for all the wrong reasons. I fear we have entered the same territory in our politics. Why attempt to be a statesman, have any policy beliefs, not flip-flop within a day, when you entertain the masses, and you win. You can sort of lip-synch your way into the presidency.

The King of Twitter did this. His mic was on, words have been coming out of his mouth, but he told us nothing and when he did it usually was nonsense. He gets on stage, smiles, does his routine – and it blew –  but after every insult and every diatribe he was, and still is, rewarded. More screen time. Power. More tweets. It all worked and his “efforts” culminated with his securing of the presidency.

The thing about Mariah is that she’s harmless. If she wants to lip-synch until her dying day and grocery shop in five-inch heels, so be it. Bring on the entertainment. Bring on the circus. With our President-elect, however, when he is done with his tour (oh wait, he really did one of those) I wonder what’s left when the joke wears off and everyone stops laughing. What’s next for the world and our country?




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