King Trump on the Throne

Can President Obama come back?  What about George H.W. Bush? I know he is 92, but he is still of sound mind and served in various levels of government. I’ll take him. Fine, America – no Hillary, but what about Bill? I’ll even take Dubya. I’ll take George W. Bush, which is really saying something. I miss the man who once said, “hispanically speaking” – so that tells you we are in dire straights.

Alas, it has been a little over a week since the Great Clementine ascended to the throne. King Trump and his court have been busy, giving us a glimpse of the horror show we can look forward to for the next four or worse eight years! We shouldn’t be surprised, Trump has been telegraphing he thinks he’s King ever since he gave the world a glimpse into that gold and gaudy imitation Versailles on 5th Avenue.

If we didn’t know it before, we learned the King and his team has a propensity to lie. We’ve heard about alternative facts from Kellyanne Conway. The administration continued to shovel alternative facts to the American people about rampant voter fraud (lie). Crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration (still lying – just can’t let that one go).  And in an interview with David Muir – the King informed the American people of his affinity and belief in torture and that it works (more lies). Wait, can I say that? Am I still allowed to call a lie a lie without fear of the guillotine?

Wait, this is still a democracy with a right of freedom of speech enshrined in its constitution, right? There was no coronation on January 20th, even if the current President seems to believe we had one. Those darn alternative facts keep getting in the way! Just because he and his minions say something is true, doesn’t make it so. So, I shall continue with my truthful snark without fear.

Oh, what else happened in week one inside the Trump Kingdom?

Poor Sean Spicer, his Press Secretary, was trotted out to dispense and defend the lies of the day – no matter how outrageous or evenly disproven. He, like Kellyanne, remains in training at the devil’s workshop. However, unlike Kellyanne, who has learned to lie without flinching,  Mr. Spicer still struggles. With Mr. Spicer, you can still see his wheels spinning as he tries to weave his lies to the Press Corps – so there was some back peddling where he was concerned. He couldn’t commit to the Voter Fraud lie for instance. The poor soul seems nervous about the whole thing – as if he hasn’t completely ditched his conscience in the nearest trash heap.

We learned through those pesky liberal media sources, The Washington Post and New York Times that our President personally applied pressure to the Parks Department to show, presumably, alternative facts in photographs. If he proclaimed it enough, his inauguration crowd really would be YUGE. News of that “gentle pressure” being applied by the King, I mean President, leaked and no alternative photographs were produced. Has it really come to this?

We also learned that the Administration required a media blackout of all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees. That was rescinded after some outrage, but because we now have a bipolar government, it may be back in effect this upcoming week – who knows.

We also had a flurry of Executive Orders from the President. Does anyone remember when Republicans were outraged about these orders? OUTRAGED – shout that like Oprah Winfrey used to scream YOU GET A CAR, AND YOU GET A CAR! They were so outraged about President Obama’s Executive Orders and “overreach” there were rumblings in some more ridiculous conservative corners that they were impeachable offensives. Eh, that outrage was soo last year.

I guess we really are going to build Trump’s wall – presumably out of donated Legos and Lincoln Logs because no one is going to pay for this nonsense.  Mexico keeps telling us as diplomatically as possible to f-off and that they will be damned if they’re going to pay for it. If they don’t pay for it (as they shouldn’t), that would be a break of a campaign promise by Mr. Trump – and yet another lie.

Aren’t the American people embarrassed by now? I know I am, I am practically hiding under my duvet cover as I type this.

So since Mexico won’t pay for it, it was rumored the President was considering a 20% tax on goods from Mexico, but then some adult in the room explained that would essentially end up being a tax on the American people. They backed off that plan for now.

By week’s end, we received another hastily non-thought out Executive Order that created chaos throughout America’s airports and revealed the worst in the American character. Millions of people were banned, and we were told it was for our safety (most likely false).

There was a lot of news, and this certainly was not all of it. What will week two bring for America and the world? I for one am not sure, but I doubt it will be anything good. We all need to keep our eyes peeled wide open, for the Liar-in-Chief is busy. I wonder if he is making time for tanning or if all this plotting to screw over the American public and seek revenge for his oh so aggrieved working-class voters precludes him from having the time to do that. I guess that could be one good thing that comes out of all this!

And as this week began, we had yet another Executive Order, but this one was stylized like a sale at Macy’s. A two for one deal in regards to regulations. “One in, two out order” is what we’re calling it.

The President may be failing at being presidential, but he is a brilliant marketer. He could sell his own feces to a particular segment of the American people, and they’d eat it up like Godiva chocolate. Everything and everyone gets a glossy meaningless slogan. Everything sounds good. Tomorrow he will be talking like Dr. Seuss, “one fish, two fish red fish, blue fish,”  when announcing his next decree. Will anyone notice if it doesn’t make sense? Although, considering the education level of some of his supporters, probably makes sense to talk like that. Ok, that wasn’t kind, I take that back (sort of).

You know I am actually for making things easier for businesses, but tell me what regulation specifically needs to be rescinded. Some regulations are good. Talk to me about the specific rule causing a loss of jobs and productivity. But the President won’t do that, it’s too much work and requires too much governing. To me, this is all code for allowing business to essentially do what they please and in sectors that affect the environment, for instance, I don’t see how that is good for the country.

The King has ascended to the throne, and he is on a mission – facts, kindness, decorum, or rationality be damned. Heaven help us.



Trump and the Villification of Muslims

Because President Trump campaigned to make America safe again, he signed an Executive Order banning all citizens from Saudi Arabia entering the United States, as 15 out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from that country. Also, because of years of mass shootings primarily committed by white men, the Trump Administration moved to round up those found to be lonely, reclusive, weird, and “wacky.” The concern being that white men seem to have a tendency to shoot up high schools, elementary schools, black churches, and movie theaters  – among other things.

Oh, wait, that didn’t happen. All of that would be silly and not a real solution. But in keeping with doing things that don’t solve problems, the President actually signed an Executive Order that bans entry from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen which is even sillier than the fake news I outlined in the first paragraph.

The thing about Trump and his Administration is that they are bratty children throwing a tantrum on the world’s stage. We have left uneducated children who think they know everything in charge of the Executive Branch. So on Friday, we received a bunch of theater, meaningless hullaballoo and another  Executive Order, an especially vile one, for the cameras to see – banning Muslims – supposedly to make America safer. He was so gleeful in the signing of this order, I was waiting for him to beat his chest.

Trump and that apprentice of the devil, Kellyanne Conway, can call it what they want, but it is a small down payment on his pledge to ban Muslims – period. Yes, they didn’t ban all Muslims, only some so I suppose that is meant to make it less abominable, right? There was excitement over the weekend about a New York judge temporarily blocking the order, but that only applied to people already here and stranded at the airport – not the entire Executive Order.

As an aside, if I have to see this peeled cantaloupe, as my friend calls him, proudly signing orders like he is Henry VIII one more time I might scream. I thought Republicans hated Executive Orders.

Who is going to tell the King that the majority of these attacks on our soil have been conducted by American citizens? Was this information not in his briefings? Was he too busy tweeting? Too busy fighting with Alec Baldwin? Too busy insulting Meryl Streep? Too busy applying pressure to the Parks Department to find “alternative” photographs showing his YUGE crowd size at the inauguration? Who is going to explain to the President that ISIS is an ideology, spread on the internet and that people already within the United States have been, and can be, radicalized?

He talked about totally defeating ISIS in his inauguration speech and, to be fair, Obama talked in the same absurd terms regarding ISIS. American President’s tend to talk in sweeping terms about threats, but smart people know that one might be able to defeat an occupying army, but you can never defeat an ideology – what’s in the hearts and minds of people.

Are we going to ban French nationals too as some of the recent attacks in that country  were conducted by radicalized citizens? What about Germans? What about banning people from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or the United Arab Emirates? I believe there were some 9/11 ties there. Oh, wait, it’s being reported Trump has some business interests there so they can’t make the list.

In voting for this man, the American people have unleashed a rabid dog on their fellow citizens and the world. He is irrational, angry, lacks impulse control, and is uncontainable – except in regards to Russia. Vladimir Putin must be holding some sort button to an invisible electric shock collar around Trump’s neck because Trump is oddly quiet, polite, and non-offensive related to all things Russian.

At the end of the day, I don’t believe we should be banning millions of people outright of any country. If the United States is in such a state of fear and unable to vet people, maybe we shouldn’t allow anyone to come into the country, as clearly there are threats from many, many areas of the globe.

I like reality television (don’t judge me), and since we have our first reality television President, it is important to point out a constant on all of those shows, especially the most appalling. Turn on Love and Hip Hop, Marriage Bootcamp, or The Real Housewives of Fill in the City of Your Choice, for instance, the casts are filled with self-important people, usually doing crappy things.

They’re bad husbands and wives, bad business partners, disloyal friends, etc. They are usually all the things we would teach our children not to be. Even though they themselves can go back and see their own bad behavior at all times, the footage is always there, these people rarely believe any of their actions create the drama or causes problems, it’s always someone or something else. They are also abnormally confident in their own behavior and decisions and, of course, being right.

Filling a television program with people like that and then allowing cameras to roll sets the stage for great conflict and drama. It can be tons of fun to watch when you’re just talking about boozy wealthy women with nothing else better to do than to lunch and gossip.

In the past, American’s looked at these sort of people, shook their heads while being entertained and went about their lives. In 2016, the American public chose to elect one of these people to the highest office in the land.

Call him a rabid dog, a stupid peeled cantaloupe, or a reality tv star President, he is dangerous and woefully unfit for this position. His words matter. His poorly thought out Executive Orders matter.

I am ashamed to be witness to this ban and hope an adult in the room convinces the King to change course for the sake of those people, America’s reputation and, yes, our safety – because this action does not make us safer.

Uh, this man makes me so disgusted I had to write on a Sunday!

Hamilton: An American Musical

I never win anything – ever. I have absolutely no luck, and the masters of the universe are completely and wholly against me. Oh God, I sound paranoid like Trump! Anyway, I don’t win anything, so imagine my surprise to receive two frantic texts (which I initially didn’t see) and then a call (which I missed) from my husband. Because I have not completed my goal of world domination through writing, I, unfortunately, must work and put up with the man wanting more, more, and more done more efficiently. So, as often is the case, I was in a meeting that tends to accomplish none of those things and could not respond to my husband’s calls.

I assumed our apartment had flooded, had lost heat, or even worse than that someone died. Yes, someone died – as all of those things would be more likely than winning Hamilton tickets. When I finally returned his call, I was told he had good news. I was interrupted in my quest to complete more, more, and more at work – so I was slightly annoyed, but then I thought maybe he received a big raise and I wouldn’t have to work anymore! Hey, we all have dreams.

While I still have to earn my own coins, the news was great –  we won two tickets to see Hamilton through a lottery.  My husband who is always the optimist apparently had been putting our names in this lottery for months – that’s dedication!

Now I have a confession to make. I assumed it would be good, but not that good. All of the hype and praise, eh. I am kind of a skeptic. Nothing is that wonderful. I wanted to see it, but not enough to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for tickets and certainly not enough to be dedicated enough to put my name in a lottery for several months.

So going back to how I don’t win, the universe also loves to prove me wrong. The show began, and as the lights came on, the countdown began for how long it took to convert me to fandom. 5, 4, 3,2…and by 1 I was hooked. Total goner – fixated and in love.

I should have known I would not stand a chance. I love History and Politics, a good song, and fantastic choreography – it has all of that and more.

Quite simply, Hamilton felt American to me. Now after this election, I am becoming acutely aware that there are very different ideas out there about the notion of “being American” and what is “American.” As is well known, the cast is incredibly diverse with actors of color playing roles that, of course, would be impossible for them to play – or be – at the time of the Revolution. As a black gay man in the front row of this show, in a time where this is possible, it speaks to our country’s progress and continuing striving towards justice and equality.

That Lin-Manuel Miranda made this choice, told this story this way, feels audacious. I would be shocked if no one told him when the concept of this story entered his mind that, you can’t tell this story this well. A black man playing George Washington for instance. I am sure some the idea was totally ludicrous. That he did this is bold to me and that too feels American – having a bold idea and being brave.

Which reminds me, the America I know and learned about through history is best when it’s bold and brave – not fearful, retreating, and building walls to keep others out and then claiming they will make that same group of people they’ve disparaged pay for it.

So this is a good time as any to point out that Alexander Hamilton was a bastard immigrant, as we are reminded throughout the show. An ambitious immigrant striving for better – it felt very American and timely considering our current political climate.

Also, the politics portrayed in the show reminded me that for all the troubles of today, not much has changed. American politics have always been messy and tough with competing sides duking it out. Although, the Founders had a seriousness about them that is lacking with Trump that is beyond worrisome, but I am going to ignore that for ONE day remain hopeful because Hamilton made me feel that way.

I don’t want to give anything away for folks who have not seen it so I will stop there with any storyline points, but it’s great. Its fun, it’s educational, it’s aspirational, it’s hip. Did I just type hip? I did – which would prove that I am a thirty-something who suddenly no longer hip. I don’t know what happened!

But it is a great show and deserves all the praise it has received. You will walk out feeling hopeful and uplifted. It’s tons of fun. Borrow, beg, steal, sell an unliked relative up river, but go see this show! Hamilton: An American Musical was great!

My Hour with Fox News

I probably should have named this post “Wine and Fox News because this little experiment quickly became a wine guzzling contest with myself.

I actually want to believe in the decency of the American people and that we have more that ties us together then divides us. I just gave myself the side eye as I tried to make myself believe that. I think all people want food and shelter for instance – but the similarities end there. A lion and gazelle both want those things, but after that – things diverge – and starkly. As a liberal, I kind of feel like a gazelle these days surrounded by lions in our government and a heard of them gaining ground on us from Middle America as well.

The 2016 election made me stop and think, maybe I do live in my happy liberal bubble. I’ve lived in Manhattan for over 8 years. Everyone I know is gainfully employed, most have college degrees. People are in a particular income bracket. Granted, I know people – some of my favorite – live in far flung and unreachable places like Pennsylvania where they have mountains and cows! But these  Pennsylvanian’s  even have savings and don’t work in steel mills (although I am sure that’s a lovely profession) – so maybe they are not downtrodden enough.

I suppose I have been slightly annoyed at the portrayal of “coastal elites” by the “liberal media.” Yes, I read, have a full set of teeth, have some disposable income, love Broadway shows,  don’t muck about in a coal mine all day among other things – sue me. I can’t milk a cow. I can’t drive a tractor. I prefer wine to beer. However, I also can find the Pennsylvania Turnpike on a map and have an affection for the Waffle House. I am eclectic.

In my bubble, there are some gays and women in the group – various races. Some of the women would be defined as “nasty women” for sure. No one is overly religious, but most believe in some sort of higher being. The blacks I know, specifically, are not living horrible lives and aren’t in despair. I have to single out the blacks because our President did – and, of course, being a successful black, I was disturbed by his characterization. Some of the blacks I know, including myself, have even traveled internationally – it’s an amazing thing. The folks I know are generally happy and aren’t petrified about crime as if we’re real life extras in the show Gotham.

I imagine some would say that sounds elitist and unkind. It might be, but that’s my reality. Post-2016 election, we have heard more than I would care to about the reality of folks in Ohio and Wisconsin and Indiana, etc – so just stating mine. Unlike the Trump voter, I like my reality. I am not aggrieved and even while I am unhappy with the election result.

I don’t feel like anything was taken from me and I don’t think I need to take anything back either. I abhor the silliness of our President and the same old Republican policies he is advancing. But he won an election, there is nothing for me to take back. I don’t own this country or its trajectory. My black butt will need to vote again and hope that more people with my political view do too in 2018 and 2020-  and as Ms. Clinton will attest to, especially in strategically important states.

So, yeah, I have trouble seeing the other side.

But in the spirit of seeing a different perspective, popping my own bubble, I thought let me turn on Fox News. I am guilty of going to my go to media sources. So I turned to Fox News, to find Bill O’Reilly, became ill, and had to end the experiment. No, I kid, but it was hard to watch him with my eyes receded in the back of my head. But, this seems to be a favorite channel of Middle America. Maybe this will help me understand, to get in touch. I did learn a few things.

5 things I learned: 

1)  Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor in Philadelphia, killed unborn babies – born alive at his clinic. Convicted of the murder of four babies, he reportedly killed thousands. There is a book about him – Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer.  Sounds awful and interesting. The book has a forward by Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty – so there’s that. Book lost some points and credibility with me when I learned that. This extraordinary heinous person is also, of course, black.

A movie about Dr. Gosnell has been made, but a distributor cannot be found – which of course is a liberal conspiracy of some sort according to the author. We have no way of knowing if the movie is any good, but why quibble with a detail like that. One of the authors of the book, Ann McElhinney lamented and I quote, “everyone knows Michael Brown’s name and everyone knows Trayvon Martin’s name” – but people don’t know the name’s of the women who died from his botched abortions. Kind of a head scratcher for me, kind of offensive – but it is Fox News. Unfortunately, I had no way of reminding Mr. O’Reilly and Ms. McElhinney that Mr. Gosnell is in prison for his crimes, which is not the case for the murderers of Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin.  Also, abortion and civil rights issues are different topics.

Yes, the justice part. JUSTICE. People want justice – whether that be for the victims of the awful abortion doctor or Trayvon Martin. When it comes to black men – justice just doesn’t seem to get served. We care a lot about unborn babies and not much for speaking, walking, fully formed people – especially if they are of color. That little fact is always trivialized, overlooked, and not understood by the other side but I digress. In conclusion, abortions are bad and what would amount to murder (killing born babies), it was implied, is happening everywhere – “worst than what happens in Europe” – whatever that means. As an aside, I know the Europeans are horrible socialists so it’s difficult for me to envision this exceptional nation doing anything worse than those folks. Again, I digress.

Check placed on my notepad, I processed the abortion lesson of the day.

2) I learned from some woman, whose name I couldn’t be bothered to remember between Malbec sips, that Democrats lost the election because of its focus on “racial politics.” That term has been bandied about lately (by bruised Democrats too) and sounds like a nice way to me of – don’t make white folks feel uncomfortable and clutch their pearls by talking about anyone who isn’t white and their issues and concerns.


3) I learned about  “a crazy left wing woman” on a flight from Baltimore to Seattle who was caught on camera – raging against Trump and conservatives. Apparently, this is making news everywhere (haven’t seen it yet). So, we talked about that with glee. Bill O’Reilly has never seen this sort of behavior from a “far right person.” Somehow that then segued into commentary about the various women’s marches on Saturday and chalking them up to “crazy privileged white woman.” The 3 white men (Bill and the two panelists) couldn’t fathom what those women were upset about. I also learned that the “left” feels morally superior which is why they behave like this woman on this flight. I kind of shrugged in agreement when he said that. I am sure I have my moments. However, I have decorum and only shout awful things about conservatives in my head. I am not Kristen Wig in Bridesmaids stoned out of my mind. This woman seemed nuts and just happened to espouse liberal views. Apparently, that was a nuance these men were incapable of processing.

Liberals crazy, conservatives not – understood.

4) Bill O’Reilly read some letters from his viewers. I should have played a drinking game every time “media” was mentioned – definitely would be unable to go to work tomorrow.

We know, we know – liberal media bad.

5) Mr. O’Reilly closed by suggesting that Mel Gibson received an Oscar nomination for a movie I don’t care to see because Academy voters forgave him for making some anti-Semitic jokes. Some were said as if Mel spilled some milk. In the Christian tradition, he was forgiven, O’Reilly continued and has made a comeback.

Eh, what’s a little racism – all’s forgiven. Good for Mel! Now I don’t have any issue actually that Mel Gibson is nominated for an Oscar. Maybe on the merits, it was a good film. If I find his behavior objectionable, which I personally do, I don’t have to watch the film, or if I were a voter – probably would have picked another film – whatever. I didn’t understand why this was even a segment. Why the constant promotion of petty grievance? Why are we discussing this and not, say, the oil spill that took place in Canada today – at the same time the President signed an Executive Order in relation to Keystone pipeline, among other things – huh?  As a side note, didn’t Mel beat on his girlfriend too – didn’t that come out in that anti-Semitic debacle? My forehead hurts. I have to stop assaulting myself.

Lesson Number Five, a few mean Jew jokes are acceptable.

Then the “Spin Free Zone” ended and Tucker Carlson came on and I threw my glass at the television and my field trip to Fox News land ended. Like, really? This is what we’re discussing? I felt like Alice – down the rabbit hole I went with Mr. O’Reilly to some scary places.

I have decided I like my bubble.  Maybe you can no longer win by telling the truth about race for instance. Maybe I am out of touch and I am just fine with that.




“Alternative Facts” – as taught by Kellyanne Conway

President Petty took time away from his new presidential duties to squabble about the size of his inauguration crowds over the weekend. Jesus take the wheel and drive fast, must this shallow and thin-skinned man go down this rabbit hole?

As the title of President does not seem appropriate for such an unserious man, I may call Trump President Petty from this day forward. But seriously, the newly elected 45th President of the United States was concerned about crowd size. Not jobs. Not terrorism. Not reading the constitution. No, crowd size. Where is the adult in the room to say yo, dude, you won – you have the power now shut up. Why do you care about this? Don’t reduce yourself and the office to this.

That person is supposed to be that wretched being, Kellyanne Conway Vampiress, and Stealer of Souls. Listen, I think most view politicians and political folks as worst than mud underneath their feet, but Kellyanne is a special kind of vile. She is a walking oil slick. She will look you in the eye and lie to you about what you just saw and not flinch or skip a beat. Your name is Bob and she’ll tell you to your face it’s Tom. By the time you’re done arguing with the devil’s apprentice you may walk away second guessing yourself. Slippery and down and dirty – you always need a bath after allowing her to come through your television screen. She must be even worse in person.

This weekend this soulless carbon being slithered about the Sunday morning news programs and tried to teach America about “alternative facts.” My forhead is sore from the number of slaps I inflicted upon it. Fortunately, most of us went to grade school where we all learned the difference between facts, opinions, and lies – or, excuse me, non-factual statements.

President Obama’s crowds for his inauguration were larger than President Petty’s – fact. The Woman’s March in D.C. over the weekend drew more people and by a lot – fact. Pictures tell the story. Figures from the D.C. Metro tell the story. The Park Service tell the story. But because facts are disposable and ever changing in Trump’s America, the Vampiress was trotted out to convince us of “alternative facts” and to tell us that we didn’t see what we saw. This, by the way, seems to be a scary theme emerging out of Trumpland – the gaslighting of America. You didn’t see what you just saw. You didn’t hear what you just heard. Don’t question us about the appalling thing you just saw or heard, if you do there will be hell to pay.

This, by the way, seems to be a scary theme emerging out of Trumpland – the gaslighting of America. You didn’t see what you just saw. You didn’t hear what you just heard. Don’t question us about the appalling thing you just saw or heard, if you do there will be hell to pay. Nothing to see here folks. Just nod and smile like Melania and we will all get along.

At the end of the day, this is dumb. It’s extraordinarily silly. President Obama is gone. The power lies with Trump and his cartel of stooge billionaires and soulless White House staff. He has the power and should begin to govern (scary thought) like a real leader – whether a million people came out to see him, or just one.  Instead, he is still in celebrity mode pouting about who is more popular essentially. Who had better television ratings? Who had more people? Dude, who cares!

But the new President is so sensitive, so desperate to be loved and liked that he has to stoop to lying and pushes his staff out to attempt to mislead the American people about things that don’t really matter.

What on God’s green Earth are “alternative facts?” Facts are facts – they really don’t have alternatives. And while everything seems to be malleable with these people, sane people cannot buy into this jello pudding version of the concept of truth. Facts and truth matter. They are essential to a successful and progressing democracy.

Americans should be alarmed that we have an administration so willing to lie about things we can plainly see – and such silly things at that.

If President Petty, Sean Spicer, and the evilest of them all – the Vampiress Kellyanne Conway – are willing to lie about this, something so trivial, what else will they lie about?

Ask Not What Your Pussy Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Other Pussies

I know, I know the title is ridiculous, but I have searched my mind, recesses and all, to ponder what, if anything meaningful or memorable, this divisive man will say to the nation tomorrow?

I cannot think of a less serious person to ever hold this office in modern times. It’s truly a sin and a shame, but this is what the American people, with the help of our undemocratic electoral system, wanted and received.

We wanted change. We are certainly going to get that, a departure from norms and decency. We didn’t want intelligence and experience. Ask, and you shall receive, because we are not going to get that either. I am content in knowing that I had no parts in this.

My mother was born on January 20, 1961. Being the political crackhead that I am, I have always geeked out a bit regarding how cool I found that to be – that my mother was born the day President Kennedy was inaugurated, a President who filled Americans with such optimism and hope.

We now know that behind the scenes Kennedy was a jackrabbit who would be willing to resort, without shame, to humping the leg of a desk if there was no woman in his presence. But regarding his policy positions and his words, publicly at least, he remains one of the greats.

Which brings me back to Inauguration Day. I don’t know what the soon to be President of the United States will say today, but I am sure there will be no wisdom or oft quoted lines like, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” I can’t imagine hearing anything that resonates with the American people like, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Trump has frequently told us we should fear everyone and everything by the way.

But because this is Trump, I suppose I should expect the unexpected. Maybe he will surprise me and finally rise to the occasion.

But more likely from Trump, we should expect a shocker – something like, “ask not what you can do for your pussy, ask what you can do for other pussies,” followed by an obscene grabbing gesture. He likes to shock, shout, and snatch headlines for all the wrong reasons we must remember. We voted for this, and he doesn’t know how to be anything but the Donald.

Ok, pussy being dropped in an inauguration speech, a bit much, but the American public allowed for the possibility. We shrugged about sexual assault and pussy grabbing, so it’s now normal, and I can utter pussy over and over again in this post. Why not? We said it was acceptable with our votes.

We did this. We allowed this to happen by being apathetic. We allowed this to happen by not voting. We allowed this to happen by not voting for Hillary Clinton in strategic states. We did this by voting third party. We allowed this to happen by expecting perfection out of Hillary Clinton. Our media aided Trump’s win by always promoting a false equivalence between the two candidates.

Hillary Clinton allowed this to happen by failing to adequately acknowledge the winds of change, the anger in this country, and that typically the American people usually do want shiny new toys every eight years. Hillary was neither shiny or new, although I personally like smelly old books, which maybe that’s why she was a perfect fit for me.  Unfortunately, large segments of the country felt differently.

In retrospect, her loss seems so obvious. And no, no folks – I am not convinced that Bernie would have necessarily won either. Donald Trump successfully branded himself and so many opponents, and while Bernie doesn’t have the twenty plus years of scars Hillary Clinton has, he could have been branded as a career politician (by definition he is one).  Trump would have argued Bernie built nothing and would try to tax the nation to prosperity – which does not work. I could go on, but I will stop there – what does it matter now?

My mother was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter because of her stated policy positions and, yes, because she is a woman. There was a tremendous sense of pride there in seeing Hillary Clinton attempt to try and break the glass ceiling. And no, she was not one of these women who spouted, “I want to see a woman, but just not her.” She wanted to see her win – specifically this female win.

During the election, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright found herself in the hot seat for claiming that there was quote, “a special place in hell for a woman who doesn’t support other women.”

At the time, I thought the line was sort of over the top but comical. In retrospect, Ms. Albright was right. That white women turned their back on Hillary Clinton as evidenced by the election results for whatever reason, but could support the sexual assault candidate, is…is…for someone who enjoys putting words on paper, a fact that almost renders me without thoughts to articulate.

I am a gay black man, so I have seen and heard some shit, but I firmly believe sexism is firmly entrenched in American culture as much as racism and homophobia. My favorite line about women, uttered by men and women alike is, “I don’t know why – I just don’t like her.” Women aren’t even respected enough in this country for someone to have to spend the time to figure out a reason to dislike them. You can dismiss them out of hand.

Don’t forget, you can like a sexy and sultry pussy, but a smart and ambitious pussy is out of place and threatening. So remember, a woman in a power pantsuit wrong – new first lady of our country with her titties plastered in magazines – good. Melania is so lovely and botoxed – maybe that should solve all our problems.

But this election was not about women, people of color, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, supporting norms or decency, or real solutions. It was about “unheard” white working class voters who wanted to make America great again – whatever that means or meant – coming out in droves to take back their country (from progress apparently) and to get their coal mining jobs back, which of course they won’t get back.

By the way, can someone tell me when we are going to allow the truly unheard in this country be heard? For example, the inner cities and all the problems affecting people of color, for instance, have been “unheard” and ignored for decades. This country has more often that not turned it’s back and said – get a job – your misery and your plight is your fault.

What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, someone should tell white rural voters in West Virginia that the economy has changed, coal isn’t the future – get a new job and skill-  your poverty has nothing to do with your government.

Of course, I don’t believe that, but all of the justification and the excuses being made post-election for what is on it’s face a horrible choice made by some in Donald Trump has been eye roll inducing and a little nauseating. I feel for the white working class, but can we care about some other working class folks too.

Uh, my blood pressure is rising, and I am losing my zen. Love and light, love and light. As I said, the American people wanted this – so I am content.

So, anyway, here were are – a few hours from allowing Donald and Melania Trump to redecorate the White House in gaudy gold leaf.

So this Inauguration Day will be tough for my mother, me, and the other almost 66 million people (compared to Trump’s nearly 63 million) who cast their vote for the former Secretary of State.

I think we are entering a dark chapter in America’s history. Hell if you can’t agree that it’s dark, can we agree it’s embarrassing? It’s embarrassing to have a President waking up in the middle of the night to tweet every time someone tweaks him. I mean honestly, who attacks Meryl Streep? He squabbles with Alec Baldwin and the cast of Saturday Night Live. It’s all so silly. The man is 70 years old for God sake! But, as I said, I am oddly content. This is what the people wanted.

I take some solace when I remember that our country is a young nation in comparison to other countries. So while America may celebrate its 241st birthday this year, she’s basically 15 when comparing her to say the United Kingdom. She’s an immature brat still finding her way in the world. She will make mistakes and have missteps.

When I think about it this way, I realize that America is in her know it all teenager phase while the adults in the room know she truly knows nothing. This vote for Trump is basically the equivalent to an adolescent doing drugs, cursing, fighting,  and hiking up the skirt of her Catholic school uniform to look sexy and put on a show – even though she knows better.

I sincerely believe or say it to make myself feel better, that the vast majority know better.

Now to continue with this analogy, there are only two outcomes. America is going to get her ass beat or snap out of this, but by who, what, or when –  I don’t know. Actually, there is a third outcome. America could overdose on those drugs I referenced earlier. Trump is the drug, and he is making millions feel good right now, but he is not good for those that support him – or the rest of us that have to sit idly by for four years. But hey, for some people the high is all that matters.

This January 20th will not be like the one in 1961. People will talk about it, but mostly likely for the wrong reasons. I mentioned President Kennedy’s peccadilloes, but we weren’t supposed to know any of that. There was some shame. We have a soon to be President who has no shame. He tweets anything that comes to mind. He apparently thinks sexual assault is his privilege and when is caught describing it on tape has to be convinced to apologize by that wretched Kellyanne Conway – and still throws dirt on the Clintons in the process. He even defiantly said, initially, he didn’t apologize to his wife because he had nothing to apologize about – ladies and gentleman the man is a neandertal.

We have a soon to be President who is hot tempered and fights with everyone and any country (except Russia). He is always right and anyone who disagrees with him is dumb and subpar. All Presidents dislike the press, but his open disdain and hatred – threatens one of the important institutions that make our democracy thrive. Without the press, who keeps the Emperor in check? These are scary times.

To end with some optimism, maybe January 21st will finally bring us a presidential President Trump. When he is no longer the President-elect, perhaps the enormity of that office will fully hit him, and he will absorb the magnitude of his position and the power of his words and actions. Unfortunately, Maya Angelou said, “when people show you who they are, believe them.” I wish I came up with that myself because it’s just so damn true. I want to be optimistic, but the man has shown us who he is…

Trump and Karen Walker


I’ve dug up a gem! At first, I was mortified to find one of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite television shows, Will & Grace, on the same stage as the would be Louis XIV. But this performance is from 2006, long before Mr. Trump had aspirations to build walls, deport Muslims, and Tweet himself into American history.

Watch the clip below:


This man, this prostitute to fame and winning just for the sake of it, is sworn in as POTUS on Friday folks. Sheesh. It’s rather prophetic that he is dressed like a hillbilly, it’s as if he is speaking to his supporters.

Watch the 2nd video to get Megan Mullally’s take on this performance in light of current events below: