All I want for Christmas is a Beretta Shotgun…

Said no one ever. Well unless you’re a hunter maybe or come from an avid hunting family with a history of gun ownership or some other logical reason, but apparently this is the gift you just give to your offensive line if you are Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

Let me say, I believe in the 2nd Amendment if for no other reason than it’s baked in the cake that is the Constitution. Out of all the amendments, it’s not particularly my favorite, but I respect the history, and like Prego – “it’s in there.”

As amendments go, the 2nd is not terribly important to me. I am partial to the 1st, 4th, 5th – and as a black man some others not originally in the Bill of Rights like the 13th, 14th, and 15th for instance.

But back to the 2nd,  I don’t fear a British Invasion. I am not part of a militia and IF I had to fight off the government, I personally believe I would be out droned, out tanked, out nuked, and out manned – so a shit load of guns in my little home probably wont matter much – just my view. I suppose the idea of a gun for personal protection in my home from the would be intruder makes sense, but there is still no guarantee I’d get to the gun in time (depending on the circumstances) and I don’t intend to carry a gun on my hip at all times while I am grinding my coffee beans for the morning or sitting on the sofa watching crap on BRAVO. I just don’t live in that much of a state of fear.  The point is that I don’t have any qualms about the right to bear arms being a right, but I think there is an unnecessary obsession about this particular right. AND…AND…how could I forget this, President Obama is leaving and a few weeks and everyone still has their guns and Number 45 is coming in so now there is really nothing to worry about in terms of gun confiscation!

What I don’t understand is the glorification and romanticizing of gun ownership. This man really went out and purchased a shotgun for his offensive line? Who does that? What happened to buying everyone a tie or a nice watch? Cuff links? An order of Omaha steaks? How about some of that tired wretched cologne that wafts out of Abercrombie and Fitch in every mall in America? (Honestly, can we get a new scent? Who do I need to talk to so that happens?)

Look, at the end of the day guns are used to kill people or animals. I suppose they are used for target practice too – so you have better aim at killing something down the line – but they are designed and for the purpose of killing. Oh wait, no, people purchase guns with the intent to shoot up their homes and to put little circular bullet patters into their drywall when they decide to redecorate! Please! And don’t give me any of that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people crap.” By that logic, cars don’t kill people either – people driving them do. However, despite the fact that cars technically don’t kill people as we as people operate them after all, as a reasonable society we have still enacted laws around the wearing of seat belts, and speed limits – which vary upon location. We have designed air bags and have laws prohibiting driving while under the influence, etc. Oh, and you have to get a license and pass a damn test. I think responsible people should own guns – whatever the style and make – and that gun ownership should be taken seriously. You don’t give out guns as gifts like they’re Skittles to employees or a gaggle of football players on your offensive line.

Which brings me back to the Philadelphia Eagles. Do all of the the teammates have a license? He purchased a gun for 11 other people – really? Do you need a license in Pennsylvania? In the event that you don’t, why aren’t more people appalled by that? Do these fools even know how to shoot? Are all of the players living in such dangerous conditions that they fear for their safety and need a shotgun for immediate protection? Are they all avid hunters? Like, for real, who does this and thinks it cute?

I suppose the good news is that at least it’s just a shotgun and not an AK-47 or some other ridiculous gun. The entire thing just strikes me as irresponsible and flippant and potential dangerous. Maybe one day, all the 2nd Amendment loving, everyone needs a gun believing people of the world, will remember that other oft forgotten line within this particular amendment about the “well regulated militia.” Until them, let’s hope this entire offensive line will be taught how to shoot and safely store a shotgun.

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