Raising Israel

The United States attempted to reign in its wayward child this afternoon after years of praise and over indulgence. The U.S. has been the parent at the open house at school who learns their child is not the best in the class and has an attitude problem then responds to these critiques with an indignant, “not my child!” But there were some signs of good parenting today.

Everyone may not know that the U.S. has a child. A child who is rewarded with excessive military aid, where both parents – the mother Democrats and father Republicans – refuse to call out bad behavior and their love of said child causes both guardians to ignore unpleasant truths.

That child is Israel, but today Secretary of State John Kerry, in the role of an exasperated father, finally stated the obvious in regards to Israel. You cannot have anymore cakes and cookies because we care about you. No more cakes and cookies for you, your teeth will rot and you will grow obese and unhealthy. You’re being told no because we love you. We have to tell you no and hope one day when you’re older you’ll understand why we had to be firm.

The cake and cookies for Israel are settlements. Israel seemingly loves settlements even though every objective observer knows they are bad for the long term health and stability of Israel.

Continuing to settle in territory that, frankly, does not belong to them is bad. Encroaching more and more on land that belongs to the Palestinians and ostensibly would be used for the Palestinians in any two state solution – which will not be there if they continue this policy – is bad. Alas, Israel loves it’s sweets.

Secretary Kerry said publicly what other administrations have believed, but seemingly danced around, that the two state solution is threatened by the continued building of settlements. It’s really that simple.  Israel cannot be a “Jewish State” if it is population, it’s non voting population by the way, is increasingly Arab as it holds onto areas in Gaza and the West Bank.

Oh and I won’t say the word occu…occu…octopus. No, that’s not it. Hmm, I won’t say the word that is defined “as the action, state, or period of _________ by military force.” Gaza anyone? West Bank?

The U.S. has a wayward child and it’s about time the child was scolded publicly in the grocery aisle at the Piggly Wiggly – which in this case is the world stage – for being belligerent and knocking over the Pop Tarts on the shelves and making a mess of things. Good parents can’t always wait to scold privately at home.

Now before people’s head explode, I do not really think of Israel as a child of America. I state some of these things in jest as I like to infuse some humor into an otherwise frustrating and awful situation. Finding a way towards peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is important for Middle East peace and stability, and of course our own security.

Israel is not some infantile state – on the contrary it is a very strong and capable country, which calls into question the copious amounts of military aid we continue to provide it especially considering all the back talk and gruff we receive from it’s petulant Prime Minister. The U.S. is sassed on the world stage by Israel’s leaders even though, like parents, provide it food, shelter, and clothing. Maybe Israel is going through their teenaged years?

I want Israel to exist – I want the Israeli’s to have their Jewish state. But I also want the Palestinians to have their Palestinian state – their own country and boarders. More importantly, I want the U.S. to extricate itself from this mess (unlikely). You’re a parent for life right?

In truth, this post is really an indictment of America’s policies through various administrations on this issue. The United States has stated that we believe the best path forward to peace is a two state solution. Despite this, we have continued to provide aid and back Israel on virtually all measures at the U.N. (until recently and even that was an abstention), even if we have known Israel was wrong.

And so, in conclusion, this is NOT an anti-Israel rant but this is most definitely a rant about a wrong policy, that flies in the face of the supposed goals of Israel and the interests of the United States.

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